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I’m working hard to earn money to fulfill my parents dream. I would drop my desire to earn money once I give them experience/things which they always dreamed of and could’t have it. How would it effect my karma? how would it affect their karma?



JGD dear, Karma is not created by action. Karma is created by the emotion attached to the action, dear. Only you can look within and determine how attached you are to the action.

When one can do any action devoid of attachment, that action is called ‘Nishkaam’ karma. If you can do all your actions as a ‘Nishkaam’ karma, you will not accrue any karma for such an action. Even if you become a billionaire but are not attached to the billion dollars, you will sail the ocean of Karma without being stained.

But even a little bit of attachment to the action of making more money, can make a poor person drown into this ocean!

Strange are the laws of Karma, strange are the rules of Niyati! But they have been running this universe forever. So drop attachment and just do the action that has comes your way, with utter Nishkaam!

Got it?

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