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Gnyana Sangha

Self-explorations & Self-enquiry meditations
Advaita Vedanta
Vishishtha Advaita Vedanta
Dvaitadvaita Vedanta


Bhagwad Git Ch 11

Bhagwad Git Ch 12

Bhagwad Git Ch 13

Bhagwad Git Ch 14


Bhagwad Git Ch 15

Bhagwad Git Ch 16

Bhagwad Git Ch 17

Bhagwad Git Ch 18

Nisargadatta Maharaj
Ramana Maharshi

Advanced - Ajaata Vaad


Ramana’s teachings on Silence
Other Scriptures

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Gnyana Sangha

Spiritual knowledge can be complicated. So here is a chance to learn from someone who has walked the path and is ready to help a sincere seeker.