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Your well is full of negativity, it’s not the bucket’s fault!

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Awareness, Buddha, Diwali, Ego, Opinion/Behavior/Judgement


I never look at other person as he/she is. I am always looking for negativity in others. Is it my mental conditioning that is causing me to be judgmental of others? How do I come out of this? I have this problem I have recognized it but when it grips me it is hard to be in viveka!



You must recognize that you have that negative tendency and make sincere efforts to drop it. It is of no use listening to all this knowledge on one hand and holding onto the negativity in your other. Its like vacuuming from one hand and throwing dust/mud all over the carpet with the other hand. There will never be any progress.

If you want to sincerely progress, please stop looking outside at others and being judgmental. The moment a judgement arises, look within and say to yourself that your own well is full of negativity that’s why it can see negativity outside. The bucket that dropped in your well will pull out whatever your well carries. Your internal well is full of negativity, that’s why the bucket looks like it is filled with negativity. It only pulled out what you got inside.

Work on recognizing that negativity in your own self at that moment. The EGO will pinch hard and want to again point outwards. But remind your EGO that only the weak look for negativity in others. The strong ones look for it within and eradicate it just by mere recognition. This is called self-inquiry!

The fire of Self-inquiry has the potentiality of burning away all the negativity and turning you into ‘pure compassion’ and ‘pure love’, just like fire burns impurities and the hidden gold shines forth. But to go through this process, you need to burn the EGO, are you ready? If yes, stop blaming people & situations outside, take a hard look within at your own well!

You will reach there soon ONLY IF you make this sincere effort dear. Loads of love and blessings to walk this burning path of self-inquiry!

May this Diwali give you the strength to endure the burning of the EGO by lighting the lamp of Gnyana within….. Shubh Gnyana Deepavali!

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  1. Kondal

    Excellent question and response frpm Ektaji.Dhanyavad


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