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In yesterday’s YV, he talks about not creating future because of thoughts. So all along we try to think of how to shape the future but it seems that’s counter intuitive to what’s to be done. Focus should be on present n not creating the future. This doesn’t mean not planning for retirement per se.


You just said it. Your focus should be on the present. Just be! Drop this additional thinking and talking to yourself, this additional thinking creates raaga and dvesha. The raaga and dvesha creates future. And thus you are stuck in the cycle. You just practice being in the present. Be with what is! If an event presents itself to you, it is happening on account of karma. Just do what is required of the present moment. You don’t create anything. If some event comes your way, you respond to it. If retirement planning has come your way in the present moment, you must plan. Planning happens in the present moment. After planning is completed, drop thinking about it. Got it? If there is no raaga or dvesha created while planning retirement in the present moment you will not create any agami karma.


How others thoughts impacts karma and next janama?


Others thoughts don’t create karma for you. You create your karma from your own Raaga and dvesha of people situations and things.
Others thoughts create karma for them not you. Is this clear?

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