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Didi, I am 30 +. My Mom has nothing but to give advice every day and scold me. She always says negative about me and no encouragement. I cannot ignore them and I am getting angry at them and I decided not to call her for months. Even after many years they continue the same. How much my ears can hear this negativity?  All my Sadhana ends up to anger to her over phone. Is this karma Didi? How to tackle this Didi?


We all have some Sanchita karma that we must go through. This lifetime’s birth and everything associated with our birth is one of those Sanchita karmas which cannot be erased.

What does it mean by “It cannot be erased”? It means that it will come your way definitely and you will have to experience it. It is best to go through the experience without creating more agami karma. Otherwise this karma will come back, and you will be responsible for making it a vicious cycle. Recognize that anyways it is all a happening and just go with the flow. What does it mean to go with the flow?

For example, if you were given the role of a farmer in a drama. How would you do it? Like a drama! You would just act from your periphery. It does not make you a farmer, right? Suppose you were given the role of a rich and shrewd politician, you would also do that from the periphery, it does not make you a shrewd politician, right?

Just like that understand that Life is a drama! Only the wise ones come to this realization and start playing their role from the periphery. They do not drown into the role thinking it to be real.

You must also not drown yourself in the role of John Doe. You are not John Doe. You have been given the role of John Doe who has this mother who keeps reprimanding him. Just play the role from the periphery. The body mind complex is John Doe, you are not that body, you are not that mind. After 90-100 yrs that body will drop away, after karmas exhaust the mind will drop away but you will still remain. Thus, you are not that body and mind. It is a role that you must play on account of previous karmas. Once karmas are exhausted all bodies dissolve, all names like Ali, David, Ekta, Rochelle, Margaret, John etc belong to the body. All relations like mother, father, brother, friend, wife, child are also only of the body. When your name is not yours, how can a relation be yours? How can a friend be yours? How can a thing be yours?

Be wise! Recognize this eternal truth and just play the game from your periphery like a drama, do not get involved.

This is not home! Human life is just a bridge between animal life and divine life, don’t make your home on the bridge! Keep moving! Charetveti!

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