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In the karma video you have mentioned that the soul selects his/her parent for a new body and environment. Does the soul make this decision guided by a certain thing (if it is guided by our sanchita? are we aware of our sanchita in that soul state)? or entity etc? Or does these decisions come to them as a sort of intuitive revelation? I thought our sanchita karma decides how and where and to whom we are born? I am confused.



When a person filled with raagas & dveshas dies with a particularly strong impression [of raaga or dvesha], he will be reborn to that impression. For e.g. If you [have dvesha] hate somebody & you die with the last thought of that person, you will definitely be born to him/her.

This works like magnetism. What is a magnet? A magnet is that which has a strong attraction for iron. Nobody has to guide the magnet to pull the iron fillings. It automatically sticks. That happens by its nature. So is the nature of raaga & dvesha. There is nothing like a thought or intuition required for the natural laws of the universe to play. Water flows, Fire burns, like attracts like [raaga], dislike attracts dislike.

Now, do you have a say over your thoughts? Can you decide today that you will not think of that particular person at death? Do you know when you are going to die? NO!

So what can you do about it?

    1. Honestly & bravely accept that you have certain raagas & dveshas.
    2. Earnestly & incessantly discipline your mind to let go of desires. Raagas [want/like/should be/this is right, etc] & Dveshas [don’t want/don’t like/shouldn’t be/this is wrong, etc] are both desires.
    3. Remind yourself that everything is happening, your raagas and dveshas don’t matter to the universe & only cause future karma [stress].

Somebody asked me, “like attracts like, right? So if I keep [raaga] lusting after money, then I will be born near a lot of money in my next lifetime.

I responded, “Certainly, you could be reborn as the guard of a bank or a mosquito trapped in a safe deposit box/ locker, you never know. Gahana Karmanogati – Unfathomable are the ways of Karma.

You can never find out which karma leads to what? Don’t use your head… Drop all raagas & dveshas and become free!

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  1. Shailaja

    This is nice to know. I am wondering how it works in this case: Several devotees of Bhagavan Ramana died while thinking of him, and some saw his form before them. One devotee said to his companion, “ Bhagavan Ramana has come, bring a chair.” (Ramana had already attained samadhi). Then the devotee passed away. So he was definitely thinking of Ramana. But a gnyani will not take up a form again unless he wishes to. There is a report ( unconfirmed/ heresay) that Ramana indicated he will not take up a form. Will that devotee still project the form of Ramana and have a close association with him in the next life? Thanks!

    • Gnyana Sangha

      We don’t know that dear. Speculation is best avoided in such cases.


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