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You cannot claim the object that you illumine!

by | Nov 21, 2021 | Advaita, Atma Nirvriti, Atmananda, Body, Direct Path, Freedom, I, Mind, Suffering, Upanishad, Vasana

Ektaji, could you please clarify whether vasanas are a hindrance to freedom?


Until you consider the body-mind as yours, Vasanas belong to you.

Until Vasanas belong to you, personhood cannot cease.

Until personhood exists, suffering exists.


To be free of suffering, be free of personhood.

To be free of personhood, be free of ‘mineness’ to everything including Vasanas.

To be free of mineness, recognize that the body-mind is not ‘I’.

I am the subject and body-mind is the object of my experience.


If I am not the body-mind, then what is this ‘I’?

Dive within to find it and see the ‘I-ness’ melt away again and again.

The body-mind is simply an empty shell and I am the light in which it shines.

Yet the I is not a personal-I, it is like a single sunray.

A single ray cannot claim to be the Sun nor can it claim to be the object that it illumines.


Dive within and explore – Are you claiming the object that you illumine? You can leave your answer in a comment below. 


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  1. Nehal Shah

    For me, In deep dhyana, there is a loss of body and mind consciousness. Sometimes I get visions or called “Jagrut Swapna” in the spiritual realm. I discussed in detail these experiences with the master I was working with. His take was that I am in a state of deep dhyana, but this does not fully qualify as Samadhi.

    Like Sage Patanjali advised the three steps, Dharna, Dhyana and Samadhi.
    So, for folks like me, there are bouts of loss of body consciousness and silencing of ego, aka deep Dhyana. But need to go deeper and increase the duration of this experience.

    To answer Ektajis’s question, can this consciousness claim the object
    In complete stillness, there is nothing to claim. No body, no mind.

  2. Anuja Rathod

    Dear EKta ji,
    By using a variety of examples you are making it clearer and clearer and helping us experience that subject is way different than object (body-mind) However, it is still “dwaita”
    Looking forward to learning the steps to move from dwaita to adwaita.

    • Gnyana Sangha

      That can be learned only in immersive Advaita level III sessions with personal mentorship which is not possible in an online post dear.


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