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Didi, today in my meditation, all of a sudden, I felt that the dimensions (square, rectangle) the room is not real.. I felt it turning to circle and disappearing.. As though this dimension is not real. Yesterday I was doing some work and then all of sudden felt what I am doing was not real as if I am in some other place and doing something. Now I am getting little uncomfortable. All feels not real. Is it just my mind?



No it is not the mind. It is the only reality.


Then why does it appear so real?

Because we are hypnotized by Maaya, this reality evades us.

When does it appear to us?

Only in some moments when we are free of raagas and dveshas and 100% in the present moment, then we get glimpses of the reality.

You are blessed to even recognize this experience, most people just rule it out and don’t even give it a second thought.

When we move onto YogaVasishtha, he will teach you about this…. Everything that you see, hear, touch, taste, smell is all a dream. The world of the 5 senses is a dream. This entire creation is just a dream. All the people in your world are a dream. Every situation in life is a dream situation. Everything is happening in a dream.

How to be in this reality for an extended period of time?

The Guru comes into your life just to wake you up from the dream. Just one moment is sufficient to wake up! He gives you so many techniques so that you can ‘increase the length of that glimpse’ into something more substantial. Don’t let this beautiful experience go away. Delve deeper into it. Use the techniques imparted by the Guru like:

    • Practice being in the present more and more and these glimpses will increase more and more.
    • Constantly educate the mind just like you would educate a child with spiritual knowledge to ‘see it as it is’. The Buddha says, ‘The truth can only be seen by direct observation’. ‘See it as it is’. It is all but a dream 🙂
    • Meditate more and more. The impression of silence needs to get stronger within you. It needs to be stronger than the impression of this material world, then ONLY do you start getting established in the ‘REALITY’.
    • Be in good company – satsang. Your sangha always affects you. If you stay in satsang, it increases the chances of deepening this impression of silence. But again there is the last word of caution given to every sincere seeker on the spiritual path — DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO SANGHA EVEN!
    • Go out there and do something that is beneficial to others – SEVA, when you do something out of pure selflessness, not even expecting a thank you or cooperation from others, then that experience of ‘Pure Seva’ will lead to a ‘silent and deep meditation’ which in turn leads to ‘deepening the impression of silence’ within you.

Keep practicing all these techniques given by the Guru and a point will come where you will experience total silence….. Silence of the mind! Then reality dawns and you get ESTABLISHED in that REALITY. You become a Sthitapragnya!

That is called awakening………………… Wake up!

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  1. Sarv Nayyar

    What a sublime experience and a simple method to stretch the duration of that!
    Thank you.

  2. Mari Gonzalez

    The longer and more frequently I experience the silent moments, the more the world of the 5 senses feel like a dream. And of course, we need the guidance of teachers and Guru to takes us step by step on this journey towards our own reality. I am blessed to have found both a teacher and a Guru. Thank you for all the knowledge!


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