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Witness the transactional reality!

by | Jul 23, 2023 | Advaita, Atma Nirvriti, Atmananda, Awareness, Body, Direct Path, Ego, Mind, Non-Doership, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Senses, Thoughts


How to interact in the transactional reality mode [Vyavaharik satyam] without offending anyone as I feel distant, quiet, indifferent, and absorbed in the Witness Consciousness [Adhyatmik satyam] around friends and family?



Once you start getting established as the witness consciousness, the next step is to learn and understand your true nature. Without learning and understanding this thoroughly, one gets confused. So start exploring within:

Exploration 1] Recognize that the body-mind-senses have a habit pattern in talking, interacting, working, etc. This is like a computer program that runs automatically as per a pre-written code.

Exploration 2] The I-thought [Ego] arises later and claims the action of the body-mind. Once it makes this false claim, it judges itself saying, “I interacted correctly or wrongly”.

Exploration 3] Experiment if you simply stay as the witness, of the body-mind, without interfering, you will start noticing that everything happens on its own.

    • The body works automatically without a doer.
    • Thoughts arise in the mind spontaneously without a thinker.

Exploration 4] Recognize that you are simply the knower of the actions done by the body. You are simply the knower of the thoughts arising in the mind. You are not the doer nor the thinker.


Once the above truths about your true nature become clear, then you will become free of the following false assumptions totally:

    • You will be free of the assumption, “I am the body”.
    • You will be free of the assumption, “I am the mind”.
    • You will be free of the assumption, “I am the doer”.
    • You will be free of the assumption, “I am the experiencer”.

Once you are free, then you know clearly that your interaction with friends and family is not dictated by you. The ‘indifference’ & ‘distant’ tags are not created by you but simply automatic thoughts out of your control. Jaago Mohan pyaare! [Wake up dear].


Once the witnessing awareness that was asleep as the body-mind is awake, it recognizes that by withdrawing from the wrong story-creation-tendency, peace emanates. It keeps moving towards its peace repeatedly. This is your Adhyatmic Satyam [Spiritual truth].

Keep exploring! Attain your own true nature of peace! 


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  1. Pallavi

    Dear Ektaji

    All your posts are so soothing and enlightening.
    Jai Gurudev🙏

  2. Nehal Shah

    As we walk on a spiritual path, we transition from being chatterbox to a judicious talker.
    Move away from being smart aleck to being wise and sagacious.

    This might sound distant a tad bit, but everyone will appreciate it. From ego focused chatter, to compassion oriented wise words will become your staple persona.

    I have been to gatherings. Where folks compare their title (in subtle fashion), house sizes, status, and all other externalities. A spiritualist will automatically refrain from such high octane conversations.

    With that inner silence, the spiritualist will cultivate some serene qualities. Generally yogis start building coherence in their talking style. You will observe dropping of fillers, like “I think, you know”. Basically you will not need these fillers to collect your thoughts and articulate your ideas.
    Brevity will be your best friend. People around you will realize that this person converys ideas succinctly, clearly and most efficiently.

    On top of that, a lot of negative proclivities will subside. For example, stage fright, unnecessary shyness etc. Overall, the focus on inner journey will have a positive impact on your day to day life.

  3. Karan

    Hello mam
    You said ‘Experiment if you simply stay as the witness, of the body-mind, without interfering, you will start noticing that everything happens on its own.’ My question is if one detaches oneself and remains as the witness then how will the body and mind work? Only when we attach to the body the body starts functioning. Similarly when we think there is thinking. Witnessing and thinking cannot happen simultaneously. Please resolve this doubt mam.

    • Gnyana Sangha

      Dear Karan, you have missed the first step of taking the right stand as the witness. This has been explained in detail in Advaita Level I videos available frrly on the website Please create a free account and start watching and experimenting along. You will find all answers there.


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