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Why this? Why that? Why? Why?…. It’s all Maaya!

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Children, Drama, Enlightenment, Games/Play/Fun, Gnyana, Illusion, Karma, Maaya, Marriage, Mind, Purushartha, Relationship, Spouse, Truth, Vedic


JGD Didi, I had a nasty marriage and even nastier divorce in past. I have two adorable children though. I have promised them they will never have any stepfather in their  life, that is the reason why I have turned down many instances. I have found myself often thinking marriages are pointless. I wonder is that some kind of fear or my promise? At a point where I couldn’t even differentiate? How to understand this? mind often goes on this trip.



How does it matter if you believe marriage is pointless or you think that it is a promise to your kids so you are making yourself believe that marriage is pointless? Both are illusions. You are now wondering which is a lesser illusion, this or that? It really doesn’t matter dear.

The only thing that matters is the reality, the truth! If you have to think about something, think about what is reality? what is truth? This entire life is pointless! This entire life is a drama! Questions from the mind like these are pointless! This entire life is an illusion! Recognizing this truth is the highest achievement of a jiva. It is a stepping stone to Enlightenment. The caution given here is that sometimes one can say these things, that entire life is pointless out of sadness, out of lack, out of non-fulfillment of greed/expectations.

But the true seeker of Gnyana can proclaim this out of his true observation of life whether he has fulfilled all expectations of wealth/relationships/fame/ name or not.

Enough drama we have played in life. Someday we must all drop our costumes and just be real.


Then why do we find it so difficult to be real? Why do we find it so difficult to recognize reality?


That’s because of Maaya! Maaya is that thick covering on the Truth that needs to be unveiled. And mind you, it cannot be unveiled very easily by the mind/body/intellect complex. One has to do Zabardast Purushartha [Intense uncompromising ceaseless effort] to go beyond the mind into the silence of the Being to actually be able to take a step back and observe the illusions of life as ILLUSIONS OF LIFE!


It’s not an easy task. It’s not for the weak ones. We come into the SCHOOL of LIFE to become courageous and stronger by learning lessons from karma. A day comes when the tough lessons shake you. That shake of karma is like an earthquake. One suddenly wakes up and gathers courage to swim his way out of the ocean of illusions. Yes, it is an ocean dear! One wave lashing on you after another. There is no time to stop and think. One is completely engulfed into the water of Maaya, wave after wave and there are hardly any moments when the clear sky is visible to him/her.


It requires ceaseless effort and intense & inflexible commitment to your own spiritual growth to see the clear sky and remain afloat. The courageous one manages this very easily. The question now is, ‘Are you courageous?’


If yes, pull yourself out of these illusions of ‘WHY this?’ & ‘WHY not that?’ Work on bringing yourself closer to the Being. Get into ZABARDAST PURUSHARTHA of piercing through the veil of Maaya by dropping all illusionary questions that the mind brings up. Let the light of Gnyana guide you on this path. You won’t ever feel lost with Gnyana!


Loads of blessings for a successful spiritual journey!

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  1. May

    Thank you for this wonderful post, Ektaji. I am applying this to my own illusions, and it has made me realize to just be real.

  2. Manjeet Singh

    Wow so wonderful!!!

  3. Nehal Shah

    Ektaji has very good point. Our life is “Mithya” or just illusion from vantage point of vastness of our soul.

    But, most folks have not reached that stage of spiritual evolution to realize this as illusion. For them current “Dukkha” (as terminology used by Buddha) is their reality. Looking at it from life of layman, we can derive tremendous inspiration from life of great ones.

    Pythagoras (the great mathematician and an enlightened being) was captured and held as slave. While in slavery he worked to improve life of his fellow slaves. One time a slave asked Pythagoras as to why he continue to live in slavery. Everyone respects him, and he can easily organize a revolt or escape. To that Pythagoras replied he knows he will be freed eventually. He does not want to resist gifts that destiny(through his karma) has designed for him. We all know the story. Pythagoras was eventually freed. He started his spiritual school. He taught Mathematics as one of the subjects in his school.

    Socrates’s wife many times insulted him publicly. And Socrates always responded kindly (and firmly).
    . In one such incident, Socrates was teaching his pupils. His wife took a pot of foul water and poured it on his head. Socrates obviously upset, yet did not lose his poise and equanimity, gave out a roar of laughter and said “After the thunder comes the rain”.

    Jesus was nailed to the cross, yet he never ever uttered anything negative about his tormentors.

    Gandhi was shot and he just uttered the words “hai Ram, hai Ram”

    What these great once teach us that they through their practice (meditation, Karma and other methods) acquired tremendous inner strength. Even in extreme pain, insults or any other “Dukkha” they could keep centered, tranquil and serene. They could draw strength from within and always remain positive.

    Sister, it is hard to live through tough relationship and go through nasty divorce. There is a inspirational song.
    Mariah Carey’s song “Hero”:
    “There’s a hero
    If you look inside your heart

    If you reach into your soul
    And the sorrow that you know
    Will melt away

    And then a hero comes along
    With the strength to carry on
    And you cast your fears aside
    And you know you can survive

    There is lot of inspiration out there. Find strength within to carry on.


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