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Why drop conditioning?

by | Dec 4, 2022 | Advaita, Atma Nirvriti, Atmananda, Direct Path, Drama, Duality, Ego, Just Be, Laziness, Maya, Self-Effort


In Atma Nrvriti we are talking about unlearning what we have been taught thus far and to drop all the conditioning, isn’t this another conditioning to drop conditioning? Can we just be?



The Ego makes new excuses daily dear. This will usually happen within 2-3 days after the session due to the attack of the Veiling power of Maya. Today the lazy Ego wants to evade the effort of withdrawing from conditioning and wants to just be. Please recognize this. Here is a new ‘understanding’ for the lazy one for today:

    • Dropping old conditioning only helps one attain Advait.
    • Advait means ‘Non-duality’ where there is no two, there is no room for that which creates the divide and makes two.
    • Conditioning is the first culprit of division. When Conditioning drops, the background of peace emerges.

It is an incorrect understanding that un-conditioning is another kind of conditioning. See it in your experience and you will know that un-conditioning is the pathway to Advait. If conditioning does not drop, you will not even begin the journey. Therefore, attempt to withdraw from projecting your world. Projection is borne of old conditioning. This is the true meaning of ‘Just being’! It is not the lazy man’s ‘just being’ who doesn’t make an effort to recognize the cause of the drama leading to misery and therefore makes no effort to remove the colored glasses of conditioning.

In ‘Just being’ devoid of the colored conditioning, insights happen. Without the dropping of the colored conditioning, insights evade you. Keep chugging! Develop the courage to drop conditioning and see the world AS IT IS!

P.S. Conditioning in Hindi is ‘Maanyata’. Maanyata means an assumption, a concept, a belief, that which is a calculated label arrived at logically without any actual direct experience.


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  1. Nehal Shah

    As usual, very good explanation by Ektaji!

    The way Vivekananda explained it was that think of a river. You put in as many wooden logs as you can. Obviously such a mass of logs, will cause jams in various parts of river. This will fundamentally slow down the flow of river.

    It is a great analogy to our mind. The conditioning is the jam that is preventing us from fully realizing our true self and our real potential.

    If we interpret giving up doership as doing nothing i.e. not even work on our conditioning, we will not remove these jams. Like Ektaji says “Mind at rest is awareness”. By these work i.e be it Pranayama, mindfulness, fasting etc. we are moving towards mind at rest. Aka awareness. And these awareness just wants to go with the flow. Ego wants to direct the flow, block the flow and cause jams in flows.

  2. William George Hagerbaumer

    I was wondering today if conditioning could be thought of as entanglements we have formed with previous learnings and experiences. For some, the word algebra (entangled with feelings of inadequacy and fear) itself blocks the learning of mathematics. Disentangling may be completely necessary to see with clarity.


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