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Why does the waking state seem to be the bigger state when it is actually the reverse?

by | Jul 12, 2020 | Advaita, Advaita, Ignorance, Life, Mind, Paths, Silence

Dear Sincere seeker,
Please find the short video clip and its transcript below for the answer to the question, ‘Why does the waking state seem to be the bigger state when it is actually the reverse?’




It said even in the Bhagavad Gita, that which is the day for the ignorant is the night of the yogi, that which is the night of the ignorant is the day for the Yogi.

Ignorant does not mean that we are saying something bad to somebody. Ignorant means simply not knowing. Like a child does not know, that’s it. This is the meaning of ignorant one when I say the word ignorant.

So, for an ignorant one, he feels that the waking state is the maximum [most prominent] state in which my mind is functioning fully and my body is up and engaged in activity so the waking state is the biggest. At the end of the day I don’t care what happens I just rest and I am recharged and I come back to waking state the next morning.

As one recognizes that there has to be more to life. It cannot be just these small little things of running behind money, running behind a man or woman, getting married, having sex, having children, becoming rich, and then dying at the end of life. There has to be something more. When this realization kicks in, a person starts making an attempt to walk the spiritual path or even just trying to recognize if there is something more in life and then when he starts seeing there is something more, really there is something more to my mind, he starts understanding his mind.

You start working on calming your mind and you reach an invisible wall there again. You hit the wall when you just keep calming the mind and then you go back home and you are the same and you feel like ‘What was the point of that retreat? I was silent for four days, I was the angel kind of person, now I have come home and I become the devil.’

So, there has to be more, there has to be more, and that’s how you grow spiritually and you recognize that there is more than calming the mind. Then your journey has really started. Some people take twenty years of retreats to get to this realization that spirituality is not merely calming the mind. It is more.

Then they realize that it is to find out Who am I, really? Who am I? What is the purpose? Why am I here?

And when the question haunts you and you become all crazy… you really want to know the answer, and this becomes your highest priority…now is the time that you are going to find the answer. You will not find the answer before that. It’s not possible.

If I am not going to look for something. Will I find it? I will not find it even if it is right under my eyes because I was not looking for it. You have to have the thirst. The thirst of that inner core of your being that is what takes you there. I really hope and wish for each one of you that you get there.

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