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Why are they called the 3 states of the Mind in Advaita?

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Advaita, Advaita, Consciousness, Dreams, Mind, No-Mind, Paths, Types of Mind

Dear Sincere seeker,

Please find the short video clip and its transcript below for the answer to the question, Why are they called the 3 states of the Mind in Advaita & not 3 states of consciousness?


Waking state, dreaming state and deep sleep states are nothing but where:

  • The mind is fully functional in waking state
  • In dreaming state the mind is partly functional
  • And in deep sleep state, the mind’s function has paused like you press the pause button on a movie.


Nothing has happened to the movie, it hasn’t stopped. It’s again going to play in some time. You just pressed the pause button on the mind. That’s all that has happened in deep sleep.

Again after 2 hours or 3 hours when you emerge from the deep sleep, you come back to the dreaming state. The mind becomes semiconscious. That is why you have images and ideas and concepts emerge, but they are in a very haphazard, weird kind of sequence which does not make sense. This is because the mind is semiconscious.

And then the mind becomes fully conscious in the waking state.

As the changes have happened at the mind level and not the consciousness level, Advaita says these are the 3 states of mind!



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