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Who is Gnyana Sangha for?



Let me start with a simple basic fact; Everyone is NOT looking for true spirituality. 

What are most people looking for? 

The general stresses of life creates unpleasantness that people are looking to be relieved from. Most people are looking to get rid of that which is unpleasant and lusting to hold on to the pleasant, that does not mean that they are looking for spirituality. These people are simply looking for a break from their regular routine. A break from routine is sufficient to distract them from the object of mental stress. Once distracted enough their mental pressure reduces. Then they are not only ready but also quite happy to go back to the war between the pleasant and the unpleasant. 

There are several avenues available out there for people who are looking for a mental relaxation technique to cope with the general stresses of life. There are very few avenues for the sincere spiritual seeker who is thirsting to find the highest truth of who he/she truly is. Gnyana Sangha is one such avenue. 

Gnyana Sangha has no relaxation technique as relaxation is merely a temporary method that can never ever really give permanent peace. The purpose of joining Gnyana Sangha sessions must be only for one single goal – Self-realization! If that is not the purpose, then looking for other avenues might be in order.   


Here are some important blog posts that will help you understand a few important things that are prerequisites for moving forward on the spiritual path. 

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3] Only people at Search Stage 3 will find Gnyana Sangha suitable –

4] Once you feel ready to join Gnyana Sangha, read the pre-requisites for admission here –

Hopefully, after reading all of the above in detail, the basic structure of Gnyana Sangha is clear and who it is most suitable for.


If you find yourself truly ready, come on in, the doors of Gurukul are always open for the earnest spiritualist seeking self-realization. But remember, nothing short of self-realization can be found here. 

If you feel that you are not ready yet, maybe, continuing the search for other avenues is in order, at the moment, my dear. Whenever you feel ready in the future, simply turn back, you will find Gnyana Sangha right here!

Have questions? Reach out to Ekta by clicking on the “Ask a Question” button on the left sidebar. For attending Ekta’s online knowledge sessions, click the “Gnyana Sangha” button on the left sidebar.


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