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Hi Ektaji, Is Drishti/Nazar real? My son gets sick OR runs to emergency with some stiches/fractures etc after he achieves any trophy OR he exposes his skills in  a group. Mostly, whenever I get ready and am happy, immediately something comes up and I get emotional without controlling myself. Is this all Drishti OR just Co-incidence? Please shed some light if it exists, how to stay protective from this?


My dear, all this ‘drishti and nazar’ is man-made stuff…. mind-made stuff. Now that you have been in knowledge you have started recognizing how the mind works. You have started doing self-study, right? This will help you figure out that mind makes up a lot of stuff when it does not want to accept something.

When the mind does not accept a person who is jealous of you, it wants to weave a nice long story tale about it. When you walk on this path, you start recognizing that this is just mind-stuff because it does not have the courage and strength to accept people and situations as they are. Mind wants to find fault in others and blame others.

The wise one recognizes that only a poor mind does such things because it is ignorant, because it does not comprehend the implications of agami karma that it is creating by all such mind made thoughts.

When you become more aware by understanding spiritual knowledge, you move away from all this mind stuff. Your intellect becomes sharpened. You become wiser. You begin to see the difference between mind and intellect. The mind just creates more and more thoughts about a particular situation or person. It creates all drama.

On the other hand, your intellect tells you that this is all drama and has no truth in it. The intellect tells you that it is just a creation of your own mind. The mind is adept at creating drama out of nothing. Dreams are exactly that, in the night when you are sleeping, the mind creates all kinds of drama in the form of dreams. During the waking state, this mind does the same drama. The wise one recognizes, “Oh, this is all mind-stuff. It is all but a dream”.

The wise ones do not give importance to dreams. They listen to their own intellect!

Who are you listening to?


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