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What is the real meaning of Jagat Mithya [The world is an illusion]

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Advaita, Advaita, Awareness, Brahman, Consciousness, Illusion, Maya, Paths

Dear Sincere seeker,

Please find the short video clip and its transcript below for the answer to the question, What is the real meaning of Jagat Mithya [The world is an illusion]?


I am not saying the world does not exist. This has to become very clear.


Specifically, people who have come from the Indian tradition, have heard about Maya so much, that somewhere the concept got mixed and they think that the world of people, situations and things is not real.


I am not saying this is not real, I am not saying you are really not under the lockdown. I am not saying that Coronavirus does not exist. Become very clear!!


Advaita, in fact, pushes away all these nonsense buildups that have happened through the ages because of a misunderstanding of a simple sentence that ‘Jagat is Mithya.’ 


It is a simple statement to explain, the way I perceive the world is an illusion, the world is not an illusion. The people who are too lazy to say the full sentence said that the world is an illusion. It doesn’t matter if it was said by your sage and your so-called saint. He or she was so lazy to say the whole sentence.


The whole sentence is the world as I  perceive it, the way I conceive of it, that is an illusion.


I think that this is matter. I think that there is matter separate from energy/ knowingness / awareness / Brahman. Really it is not separate.


It is the same knowingness that condenses into thoughts, ideas, concepts, perceptions, sensations, feelings and it is the same energy that now condenses further into this world of objects. The world of objects, I am not saying, is there or is not there. I am not going to fight anybody.


I am saying the way I perceive it, that is an illusion. That is the meaning of Jagat Mithya.



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  1. Albert

    Hi and thank you. Have you heard of Surat Shabd Yoga? This is the practice to merge the attention faculty (Surat) with the internally reverberating Shabd (Sound Current).


    Al Medina
    Hughson CA


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