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I keep wondering why we first broke away from our nature of infinite consciousness? Why did that subtle vibration even occur that led to the “I”/ ego and then to the projected consciousness that leads us to this cycle of samsara and then it is all about finding our way back? While the purpose of our “created” life seems clear, I don’t think I understand the why and the purpose of the very first departure that led us to becoming the creator? Why is that? Is it so we can experience this journey from ignorance to light again? If so, why?


For fun! Yes, God loves fun! Out of himself he created the Maaya and plays in it. It is good to understand that all this is the cause of “I” so that we drop doership and live life from moment to moment spontaneously. Thinking too much about it in not being spontaneous at all. So, stop taking it so seriously, enjoy it! Have fun! Play it like you played hide and seek with your friends. After all, life is an expression of joy!


I have been struggling with understanding what my role is in fixing unintentional impact of my actions/words. Often things happen and I try to just observe and move on even though the outcome may not be exactly like I hoped. E.g. I am having a conversation with someone and the conversation ends on what I think is a fine note but I get a feeling that something is off. I may quickly mentally check back on what I said and find nothing intentionally wrong. However, there may have been somethings that I did not say or said that led the other party to misunderstand me or the situation and I only find that out later. My question is should I act on my instinct (which may be true or false) to see if there is a situation to fix, or should I follow what we have been learning and not hold on to the action and outcome because it is a thing of the past?


This will vary from situation to situation. Let me give you some examples:

  • Scenario 1 – You said something to someone unintentionally but the person was hurt and you know for sure: In this scenario, there will be a thought nibbling at you like “What I said hurt him or her“, then you need to take action and just fix it. I am not saying for the other person, I don’t even know who that person is. I am saying this for you, to clear your own conscience so that you do not form an impression. That clears out all the creases and calms your own mind. Remember, mistakes happen unintentionally. And the secret of mistakes is that “Mistakes are neither mine nor yours, mistakes are mistakes”, so say sorry and then let go.
  • Scenario 2 – If in another scenario, it is just a passing thought that comes to your mind, that “maybe what I said hurt him or her“. The tendency of the mind is to find an escape and say “No maybe it is just in my head”. In this case, mind will fake that it has let go, but somewhere deep down it remains, this again will create an impression if you keep it hidden inside. Therefore, it is best even in this case to fix things. Go there and say ‘sorry, I did not mean to hurt, it was unintentional’. Again remember, it is for you only!

Apologizing for what you said or did, intentional or unintentional, in the past is the best way to let go of the past!

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  1. Tejal

    Didi, its shocking to read that Just for Fun God created all this,….which includes poverty, disease, heartbreaks, wars, hatred, etc……so much pain… it just for Fun?? do we worship the God who has created all this just for fun? its extremely heartwrenching if its really that way..

    • Saadhak

      I am also a spiritual seeker, but I will attempt to clarify. What we, as jivas, perceive and experience in the world is only an illusion. It is not real. This includes happiness as well as suffering. Think of this world as a long dream. There is a biography of a gnyani, HWL Poonja, that has 1200 pages of his life-experiences, and it is titled “Nothing ever happened” 🙂 Because Poonjaji considered all his life-experiences as an illusion. In Vedanta, the world we experience is called Vyaavahaarika Satyam (Transactional Reality), indicating that it is not Ultimate Reality.

      Also, the one who created/ projected the world is Us only (as indicated in the original question). We projected it based on our past impressions and karmas. We are fully responsible for creating the world we see 🙂

      • Priya

        I am also a Spiritual Seeker follower of Sri Sri. I also wanted to know answers of these asking questions.

  2. Neetu

    How do I know that I am progressing in spiritual path? How can I make remaining years of my life to progress more spiritually ? Thanks

  3. Hema

    If one is able to let go everything and remain centered in any situation with a big smile that means one is moving on the spiritual path.

  4. muhammad ahsan ullah chudhry

    all this is a play by allah to interoduce him self

  5. Nehal Shah

    That is why Jains say “Micchammi Dukdam” at end of Pajushan(Jain festival)


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