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What is the locus of the ‘longing to understand the highest’?

by | Feb 11, 2024 | Advaita, Atmananda, Consciousness, Desire, Direct Path, I, Mind, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Surrender, Thoughts, Upanishad


Dear Ektaben,

One paradoxical observation of the screen of ‘knowingness’ is that it knows(!) that the mystery of the whole screen of ‘knowingness’ is simply unknowable ie “I” as a void/object less thought, am all-knowing, and yet I cannot fathom how the parts of the whole (the people, situation, things, thoughts, etc) all come together. It is seen that the urge or longing to understand, that too is part of this screen of knowingness. At this point, I surrender and let it be?



The CHID [consciousness] aspect is all-knowing yet there is no desire in it to know or understand.

Only when the CHID forgets itself as the single screen and jumps into the screen becoming one with the mind movie, then the desire to know or understand arises.

In the pure CHID, there is no desire to know anything yet all knowledge shines in its light.


Like Maharaj explained that the specs of dust shine in the Sunrays but the Sun does not know the specs. It does not even have the desire to know or understand them.

So the wanting to know is only at the mind level, hope this is clear!


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