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What is the difference between Air and Ether?

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Elements, Matter, Prakriti, Science, Space-Time, Vedic


What is the difference between air and ether?



Ether is space. Everything is in space. Every prakriti object is suspended in ether or space. They are just 2 names for the same element. Whereas, Air is the name given to the Earth’s atmosphere. Air has gases that are essential for life on this planet. It has oxygen that we breathe in, carbon dioxide that we breathe out and many other essential gases. It buffers all living beings on Earth from the Sun’s ultra violet rays. It is like the Earth’s aura that helps Earth breathe and sustain life.

Thus Air is an element that is in the Ether/space element but only around the planet Earth. It is the Earth’s atmosphere. Whereas space/ether is present all over the universe, even beyond our own galaxy.

Do you remember Einsteins theory of demo about the space/ether element as one single body, remember we used a scarf to demo that space is a single body that warps in the Katopanishad sessions?

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  1. SV

    If air is limited to earth, Does it mean other planets are not part of Prakriti? Prakriti is made up of all 5 elements but there composition may vary.

    • Ekta

      On Earth, gravity holds nitrogen, oxygen and the other gases that compose the atmosphere together, but only to about 60 miles above the surface. We call this Air.

      A few particles of dust and molecules of gases float in outer space too. Scientists call this mixture interstellar medium. The particles and molecules in interstellar medium are so rare that many people think of space as a perfect vacuum. Got it?

  2. Avv

    It is widely said in various scriptures that the medium of sound is ether. However, doesn’t our modern scientific understanding of the medium of sound correspond more to the air element? There is no sound in empty space, sound requires air molecules to propagate, etc


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