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What is the difference between a Rishi and a Guru?

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Enlightenment, General Spiritual, Guru, Human, Knowledge, Liberation, Masters, Misery, Moksha, Rishi, Seva, Siddha, Swamy


Is there a difference between a Rishi and a Guru?


A Guru is a Siddha, he has been liberated and has returned back to the world to help others attain liberation, to spread peace, to help humanity in various ways. His teachings help people come out of misery.

A Rishi is on the path of liberation, he has given up the worldly desires even though he may be married and living with family, he is sincerely practicing to attain moksha.

A Swami is on the path of liberation as well but is unmarried, he is also practicing to attain moksha.

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