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Is personality born from the soul or is it created by the ego? When we see others who are acting very differently than we ever would like ourselves to, even though they are part of our same consciousness, does that mean that they have the same personality except in different doses? (e.g. Person A is 10% funny, 30% studious, 40% stubborn; Person B is 26% funny, 40% smelly etc)


There are several reasons for differences in personality. Ego, family surroundings, style of parental upbringing, amount of self effort one puts into realizing between good and bad, etc. At the core, we are all the same purusha, devoid of any personality whatsoever. We are just like pure space, nothingness, stillness, silence and peace!


Can you please throw some light on this, Yesterday Guru Dev tweeted that “see Guru as beyond a personality, see the being, see the hollow and empty, ever full presence”.


The Guru teaches you that you are not the body. You are the consciousness that is operating the tool called body. You are the Purusha who is in the Prakriti called body. So if you are not the body, how can the guru be the body?

Personality is of the body. Personality is not of the Purusha. A Guru is not a personality. He is a window to the infinity. He comes to guide us. For that purpose he had to take a body. Otherwise you and I would not be able to understand him. Do you understand the song of the birds? Do you understand the song of the wind? No we don’t. For our sake, he takes a body so that we can see and understand him.

One must learn to look beyond the body. Look beyond the Prakriti called body. Look at that hollow and empty nothingness that is the Purusha! That is the being! That Purusha has become ONE with the Brahman and is calling out to you to unite with the Brahman too. 🙂

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  1. Nehal Shah

    Nice explanation Ektaji!!!
    Piggy backing on your explanation, can you please elaborate on “Aham Bhramasmi”
    Thank you


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