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In the Patanjali Yogasutra Chapter 1 we talked about the 5 different modulations of the mind. And when our mind is not occupied in these 5 modulations it is at that moment we are meditating. Well then aren’t we all meditating sometime throughout the day? For example, if I am occupied in some work I am doing, and my full focus is on that work, then isn’t that meditating?


Yes when we have full focus or we are in the present moment 100%, it is meditation with open eyes! Let me tell you a story.

Someone went to a Zen monk and asked “how come are you are always at peace?” 

The monk replied, “It’s because whatever I do, I do 100%”. 

So the person asked, “What does that mean?” 

The monk replied, “When I work, I am working. When I eat, I am eating. When I sing, I am singing. When I walk, I am walking.”

The person said, “I do the same, then why am I not peaceful?”

The monk responded, “Because when you work, you are thinking. When you eat, you are thinking. When you sing, you are thinking. When you talk, you are thinking.”

Got it? The only issue is that even while working you are chit chatting in your head about the work or home or children, etc. Only when the chit chat ends and there is complete silence, pin drop silence inside, then only is it an open eye meditation.

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