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What is ignorance in the present moment ?

by | May 18, 2021 | Ignorance, Karma, Maaya, Present Moment, Suffering, Vedic, Viveka


I have a question: “Ignorance in the present moment” – Does that mean not everything that happens is karma? Or even that is karma only?


Let’s understand what is ignorance in the present moment. It is being lost in Maaya right now. Let’s say I am a person who is lost in Maaya. Whatever comes my way, good or bad is coming my way because it is propelled by my past karma. Now when I am in this situation faced with this thing from my past karma, there can be 2 possibilities that can happen:

  1. If I am completely lost in Maaya (ignorance), then I will choose unwisely, out of my greed, jealousy, hatred and make wrong decisions. I will be planting a neem seed by following my ignorance.
  2. The other option is that I use my Viveka and choose wisely. I decide to ignore my emotion of jealousy, hatred, etc. and choose to do the right thing. This is planting a mango seed.

Irrespective of whichever way I go, my today’s action will become a seed for tomorrow so it is called Karma. So if somebody is suffering today, it is either because of his past karma or his ignorance in the present moment. Got it?

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