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There is only one possibility in the way things happen, right?

To be specific – at this point I am going through an emotional turmoil. I could choose to wait for my girlfriend and see where it takes me OR I could choose to forget her and move on OR I could drop everything and run away.

Whatever choice I make, whether out of raaga/dvesha or with a calm mind, is what the ball rolling wanted for me in life. Is this explanation correct?


Let us understand this with the analogy of a strong flowing river. You are moving with the current of life just like a leaf moves with the current of the river. Can you flow against the current of the river? No! You will be still dragged in the direction of the current.

Just like that, if on account of your raga[desires]/dvesha[aversions] you want to flow against the current of the life, you will still be dragged in the direction of the current. You are only increasing your suffering by struggling with the current. Raaga/Dvesha causes unnecessary suffering. Raaga or ‘I want this’ and Dvesha or ‘I don’t want this’ is just an unnecessary struggle to flow against the current flow of life.

The ball is already rolling and what has to happen has already happened. The choice is made already, it has to just appear before you, that’s it. Therefore, just be a witness! Just flow with the current. Wait for it to unfold. If you choose to involve yourself in unnecessary raaga and dvesha, it will only create ‘induced karma’ and prolong your burning of waiting for her.

Choice is yours!

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  1. Cynthia Gran, Yoga From My Experience

    I agree with the last part (“Choice is yours!”) – but it contradicts the middle part (“The choice is made already”). You have a choice to create your karma by acting skillfully and without harm to others. Peace…

    • Ekta

      Truth is contradictory, dear! The path of spirituality is not based on linear thinking, one needs to imbibe spherical thinking, to understand it! 😉


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