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What happens when I recognize that I am NOT the doer?

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Advaita, Atma Nirvriti, Atmananda, Direct Path, Doership, Ego, Freedom, Illusion, Non-Doership, Suffering, Thoughts

Ektaji, by recognizing that ‘I am not the doer’, does the world-projection end?


By you recognizing the truth that you are not the doer, has the projection of your family ended? Has the world disappeared? No!

When I recognize that ‘I am not the doer’, the world is still there but I now recognize that everything is simply an ‘arising’:

    • I do not choose an action. It happens.
    • I do not select a thought, It arises of its own accord.

It is not that I do not, it is actually that I cannot. ‘I’ does not exist. How can that which does not exist, do, act, think?

The only projection that stops is the ‘wrong assumption’ of doer-ship & experiencer-ship.

The effect is that suffering ends.

How & Why?

Suffering was caused by assumptions like ‘I could have done this instead of that’ & ‘hope that she does not think like that’, etc. When you recognize that ‘doing’ & ‘thinking’ are happening spontaneously, then new freedom is found. Doer-ship ends! Experiencer-ship ends. Suffering ends!

This understanding in its true sense shakes the Ego as it sees its world crumbling down. Its world was based on doer-ship & experiencer-ship. That seems to be experiencing an earthquake on the Richter scale of 100. It is very hard for the Ego to recognize a bad event is purely an arising that is not under my control. It is all a ‘happening’! This is what brings up the scary feeling for the Ego.

Therefore this experiential understanding of ‘I am not the doer’ & ‘I am not the experiencer’ needs to be coupled with the experiential understanding that ‘Perception is an illusion’. Then only will you truly know Reality as it is!

Keep doing your experiential self-exploration dear. Intellectual comprehension is not sufficient. Keep walking the path!


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