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What do you want to be? ‘King’ or a ‘Beggar’?

by | May 12, 2022 | Compassion, Ego, I, Love, Service, Seva, Vedic


JGD Didi, I take up seva with full enthusiasm but then I slack and never complete what I have started or if I do, I am usually doing it thinking what will I get from this. Didi, how can I be motivated to do more seva? How to train my mind to be lazy or greedy?



That’s a very honest question dear. Very few people have the courage to say that they are not doing a good job when they do seva. So pat yourself on the back for this honesty. But don’t let the Ego balloon up by this praise. Understand what is seva and why is it important.

What is Seva?

To understand this, we must first understand why we were born in the first place? Surprised?

Let’s understand how ‘being born’ and ‘doing seva’ are related.

The first cause of this entire existence is ‘I’, the Ego.

First the ‘Ego’ is born and this Ego immediately indulges in a desire to be something or someone. That desire gives birth to the physical body.This is how you were born the first time ever.

[If this sounds difficult to understand, don’t worry, we will study it in details in YogaVasishtha so join the knowledge sessions if you are not already attending. Email –]

The reason why you are born is your own ‘Ego’. The reason you die, is also because of your ‘Ego’. The reason why you go from one lifetime to another is ‘Ego’. Thus it is very clear that the way out of this bondage of birth-death-birth-death-birth death cycle is to be able to ‘surrender your Ego’.

How to ‘Surrender the Ego’?

1] By constantly watching yourself and working on your self to drop the Ego. This is the path of self-enquiry or Gyana. This is a difficult path.

2] By recognizing that ‘the highest power in the Universe is greater than my EGO’ and surrendering to that power. This is the path of devotion or Bhakti. This is even more difficult.

3] By simply doing opposite of what EGO wants. EGO always wants to do everything for “I”, “Me” & “Myself”. You do the opposite – do something for OTHERS. This is where “I” takes a backseat and you start experiencing the supreme joy of ‘giving’. That fulfillment that comes from giving things, doing physical volunteer service, giving time to those who need it, giving knowledge, giving anything is SEVA. This changes your focus from within to without. This helps in dropping the “I”. And finally when you cultivate your ‘Seva Bhava’ to such an extent that you are filled with just ‘love & compassion’ for the everyone, you will start receiving only love & compassion. That love from others in the form of their blessings and good wishes washes away the karmas created by your ‘EGO’ and you find your path to liberation from the cycle of birth-death-birth-death. This is the Secret Formula hidden in SEVA! So give!

And how to give… selflessly…. professionally…. without an expectation…. GIVE completely with your heart & soul!

Those who receive are beggars, those who give are ‘kings’. What do you want to be? ‘King’ or a ‘Beggar’?

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  1. Sarv Nayyar

    I am 75 and getting close to a life of retirement. Have had a very successful and rewarding career. I am an experienced structural engineer and also an avid student of vedanta. Enjoy reading and that constitutes my worship also. Considering being of use to someone or to some cause. I don’t see myself working in a hospice, hospital or an ashram . Any suggestions as to what i could do as a helpful activity that could also be fulfilling. Your insight and guidance will be very timely for me to take a direction. Respectfully submitted.

  2. Patrick Benoist

    JGD Sarv, just in case this might be insightful to you : I am a retired man and 65 years of age.
    I met Art of Living 4 years ago and became a Happiness Program and Prison Smart teacher 1 year ago.
    It feels like the start of a new life : the “time to give” trigger came so strongly in my mind that it became obvious after so many years of being lucky receiving ( well off parents, good education, MBA, career successes, money…). Just love did not have very much room in my life…and that came along too via Art of Living : I married yesterday another AOL teacher !
    We now live and teach together, I have never been happier.
    No matter what, just start giving and let go too most decisions about how and what.
    Accept the simple fact that if you let life decide for you, then you are FREE !!

  3. Megha

    Ekta Di, Jai Gurudev!

    This really made me think that when we do seva and get happiness out of it, we want to do more. There is still that I attached. ‘ I’ get happiness. What is true seva then? Living every moment with contentment and being available?

    Your insights always guide me. Lots of love!

    • Ekta

      True seva is that where you recognize your ‘Ego’ coming up and you keep dropping it constantly.
      Seva is the process that helps you gain the skill of becoming ‘devoid of I – the cause of bondage’. It is a continuous process and one must not stop the practice at all.

    • Ekta

      Thank you di! I understood!


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