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You mentioned law of attraction in our discussion. Is there anything we can do for the numerous times we have had knowingly/unknowingly grumbled upon others behavior and had bad thoughts about them? I am sorry for my ill thoughts and wondering if I can do anything about it. In one discussion, you said there needs to be more awareness between husband and wife. I feel there are quite a few misunderstandings between us and what can I do to increase awareness between us?


The Law of attraction is heavy to digest. Let’s look at it in detail.

Regret about past actions/behavior:

Whatever you did in the past, is in the past, let it be there. Stop making it a part of your present or future. If you have learnt not to make a certain mistake, just be sincere about not repeating it in future. Love yourself dearly, if you start loving yourself 100%, you will be able to apply Kshama and move on.

But the law of attraction will bring it back to you, so what to do in the Present?

When you are in the situation, start observing your own mind & emotions, just be a sakshi (witness), to all that is happening. Without craving, without aversion, just observe what this body is doing, observe what the mind is saying, observe what emotions are rising, observe as if you are outside of it all. As if you are watching a movie 🙂 Then you will not be responsible for attracting or rejecting anything and then you will at least avoid the ‘law of attraction’ ball from rolling out toward the future at least. It will only continue to flow on account of Prakriti (doshas and gunas) as you are not creating future karma seeds. Reminder – Future Karma seeds are created by your raaga & dvesha!

Summarizing the above, we understand that the mantra to awareness is – Let go of the Past & be a witness of the Present.

Build your awareness not only in your relationships but in every aspect of your life. Focus your energy in this direction and you will automatically attract Peace and Awareness!

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  1. Dinesh Chawla

    Even after being aware of what’s happening one keep doing same thingd same emotions same reaction repeatedly ,though desirous of change the paradigm


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