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What are the seva projects run by Art of Living?

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What are the seva projects run by Art Of Living?


JGD Darling,

It’s unbelievable how much seva is being done by AOL all around the world. This will involve a little bit of reading but I urge you to give it some time and visit each link below:

1) Dharma Stambh Yojana – which includes rural development and rural electrification, organic farming, calamity relief, and education for the under-privileged.

2) Initiatives like Goshala (caring for cows), HIV/AIDS awareness for rural adolescent, back to the roots rural developmental program –

3) Alcohol and drug de-addiction program –

4) Medical relief and Trauma relief for the poor –

5) Women’s empowerment program –

6) About 10 Hygiene related projects on this page –

7) Human Value projects –

8) Over a dozen Health projects listed here –

9) Rural Development projects around the world –

10) Prison Smart programs –

These are only some projects in India (not even all of them are listed above).

And there are so many similar projects running all around the world: (just a few listed below)

1) Haiti Reforestation project –

2) Vocational Training for women in Iraq –

3) Kids project in Nairobi –

4) Disaster relief projects during the Tsunami, Iraq war, etc are innumerable where AOL has touched many lives.

I have personally lived in the tribal villages in Arunachal Pradesh for about 1 year and I have seen how much money is needed to develop a small village completely from scratch like providing electricity, drinking water, sewer systems, working with them on alcohol de-addiction, building a small school and providing basic education, women empowerment and above all providing a basic clinic with a doctor etc. All the Art Of living courses are taught to these villagers for free including providing free accommodation and free food on the 4-6 day courses besides developing their villages. All these costs can mount up from approximately 500,000 to over a million dollars per village depending on the size of the village. It involves working with the Army to sometimes reach places where roads are not even laid down yet. The Army flew me in a cargo helicopter as there was no other way to reach a village up in the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh besides walking for 6 hours.

AOL has reached 40,212 villages in the past 30 years and built 1895 homes for the poor besides a million other projects.

It is really amazing how working on a seva project can change your perspective about the world. I would recommend that everybody must take a year off in life and just go out there and help the world. The world might benefit a tiny bit from our Seva, but what we gain in life is immeasurable. It can give you the depth of maturity at rocket speed that even a lifetime might be unable to. It will help you move from just thinking about “me”, “me” to “what can I do for the world”. It gives you immeasurable power and an undying smile for life! We really have more than enough, we can all help so many people out there. We just do not realize the value of what has been given to us. If you are seriously interested in doing some seva, you can start with just going to the Boone, NC ashram. You will get a taste of what true joy really is 🙂

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