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I have a desire to have clear pretty skin. I was wondering if it is Raaga or it is part of nature? Is it a bad karma or a bad desire to want to look pretty not with make-up but with normal skin?


You are the best judge, dear! Only you would know whether it is a Raaga or simply a natural instinct to take care of a boil/pimple/something hurting on the skin.

The desire to look beautiful is an innate desire in all beings. Not just human beings even animals clean themselves. Even animals try to attract the other mate by looking beautiful/ prettier/ standing tall etc. Even a peacock tries to lure a peahen by spreading open his beautiful feathers and dancing.

Why would you want to try to attract the opposite sex?

The purpose of attracting the opposite sex is to satiate your own sexual urge. So essentially a constant desire in mind to ‘look beautiful’ is related to your sex chakra being active.

To test the same, ask yourself the question – “Would you want to look attractive if you were all alone on Planets Mars?” You probably found your answer there 🙂

Why do carnal cravings arise?

One craves for sex because at the moment you experience the peak energy at the sexual chakra, the mind automatically stops. The state of ‘NO MIND’ happens. The state of‘NO MIND’ is peaceful because of the sudden withdrawal from body-mind realm into the SELF. But this state of ‘NO MIND’ lasts only for 1 fraction of a second. But we are all thirsting for long lasting peace. Hence the craving for repetitive exposure develops.

From Sex to Super-consciousness

The wise men of yesteryears understood that the state of ‘NO MIND’ is what one is actually craving for. So they advise moving from Sex to Super-consciousness. How?

The first step is Self-experience – Be 100% aware the next time you indulge in carnal cravings. Observe the cravings, observe the sensations, observe the mind and emotions. Do not lose consciousness like you usually do. Observe carefully what is really the source of pleasure? You will come to this conclusion from your own experience that the source is the state of ‘no mind’ which is attained after that peak of pleasure. The source of joy is not in the act of sex. The source of joy is not in ‘looking good to attract’.

The second step is the direct path to the Source – Once you recognize that it is only the state of ’NO MIND’ that one really craves for, then you will understand that MEDITATION & KNOWLEDGE takes you there DIRECTLY. Once attained, the PEACE is PERMANENT and it is DEVOID OF TAMAS that always follows sex.

Does that mean one should suppress the desire for sex or attracting others?

No! Suppression will not take you to Self-realization. But your Self-experience will take you beyond carnal pleasures to the highest bliss! When a sincere spiritual seeker starts meditating, the desire for sex naturally drops off due to the experience of the state of ‘No mind’. Celibacy is a natural happening on the path. You cannot force yourself to be celibate.

Similarly, you cannot force yourself to not take care of your skin or want to look beautiful. Do not judge yourself, just recognize that ‘there is this raaga to look good’ and that is it. Do not suppress any desire. Just observe reality as it is!

May you be blessed with the contentment that cannot be scarred by a pimple! SUKHI BHAVA! 

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  1. Supriya ghanta

    Wonderful explanation dear beloved Ektaji , because this sex sigment of life is a very taboo subject for millions of People of different cultural background.
    It also once in for all clarified doubts in many people’s minds
    Thank you very very much . Namaste 💐🕉


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