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Unhook from the objects and JUST BE

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Awareness, Commitment, General Spiritual, Just Be, Samsara, Self-Effort


I am trying to be in awareness more & more – big problem- if I am silent, awareness is still. The moment I open my mouth, it’s gone along with the awareness. Even if someone else comes, I feel I lose the awareness even when I think.

I basically feel – I can hold on to the awareness a little longer with eyes closed & when I am alone but not when I am around anyone else.


Yes, initially it is like an Elephant on a bicycle but slowly with practice, you will get the knack of it. It is an indescribable skill to get established in awareness. You will gain the skill soon if you don’t give up. Remember, not giving up at any cost is the key.

It is just like typing, at first you look at the keyboard and type… soon a time comes when you don’t need to look at the keyboard anymore. But if you stop the typing practice, you will not be able to get to the point where you can do it blindfolded. It’s exactly the same with Awareness.

As its very hard to describe the skill of how to be in awareness all the time, I can only give you one tip;

Every time you find yourself indulging in an object [people/events/things or thoughts/emotions of them] you are not established in awareness.

When you are in awareness, there is NO OBJECT, there is merely the SUBJECT there.

Keep practising to stay in awareness and a time will come when staying in awareness becomes automatic. It’s even incorrect to say – ‘practice awareness’, one can only BE aware 🙂 To put it even more clearly, practice unhooking from objects and just BE the subject!

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