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True meaning of dispassion!

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Anxiety, Attachment, Dispassion, Doership, Expectations, Feverishness, Karma, Mind, Niyati, Present Moment, Vedic


Jai guru dev Ekta didi, I am a student..How do I study dispassionately? Somehow i have had to create an impression that if i study well then i will get leisured lifestyle..And that causes little anxiety in me…What is the key to balance both Passion (where I have to give my 100% which is really important for me and my family) and Dispassion?



Passion is opposite of dispassion dear. When one exists the other cannot. Its like saying that you want both light and darkness in the same room at the same time. Its not possible.
What is Passion?
The so-called ‘passion’ is nothing but feverishness. It is just building castles in the air and then trying to hold onto the castles. That is called ‘Passion’ in today’s competitive world. It has been used as steroids or drugs or fuel to keep you motivated.
What is Dispassion?
It is possible to do your work without being feverish. It is possible to be disciplined without being feverish. When you are in the space of being in the present moment totally without being feverish, then you are truly dispassionate.

So first things first, drop the feverishness to achieve, attain, grab, grasp, etc in life. This is the wrong attitude that has been masked under the name of ‘Passion’. That wrong attitude only makes you worry, only makes you anxious and gets you more feverish. Feverishness has never been the tool for achievement ever. Feverishness is F E V E R 🙂

The magic tool in life is “Do your 100% devoid of feverishness, with a calm and relaxed mind, and then drop the attachment to the end result.” 

Why 100% and What is 100%?                                                                                                                           
100% means your focus is on the present moment, not on an event, not on a person, not on a thing, not on the thoughts of desirable/undesirable people/events/things. Focus is just in the NOW! Your mind is not occupied by desires/aversions/emotions etc. The focus is on the NOW!

I cannot really explain this in words, it is an experience of just being in the now….. even if there is no action to do with the hands IN THE NOW, just be in the NOW…… Slowly with practice, you will recognize the vastness of the NOW. The vastness of the NOW leads to the recognition of the emptiness…. soon you will learn to be just in the now and notice there is nothing in the mind too… this is the meaning of being in the NOW! This keeps your psychic bandwidth high!

When your psychic bandwidth is high, your mind is completely empty then you are 100% in the present moment. Then whatever task comes your way, you just do it taking it as the command of Niyati. This task will be 100% automatically. Got it?


Why devoid of feverishness?

Because your feverishness does not get you what you want. Your feverishness only increases your blood pressure and makes you more angry, irritable, restless, jealous & competitive, even greedy. It is Niyati that brings you what you deserve. And you attribute it to your efforts, this is doer-ship. Drop your doer-ship, the feverishness will drop automatically.

Why calm & relaxed mind?                                                                                                                                

Because an agitated mind or a restless mind cannot achieve anything but agitated results.

Why drop attachment to end result? How will one strive if there is no running after end result? Only donkeys need an incentive to move. We must stop following that impression from the donkey life 🙂

Humans are a higher species. Humans must be self-propelled.

Why be self-propelled?                                                                                                                                  

Because by craving & thirsting for the carrot, its not necessary that you will get the carrot. Maybe its not in your karma. Maybe Niyati has planned mangoes & strawberries for you but you can only see the carrot, right now. You never know what lies ahead. So its animal-like to thirst and be propelled for an end result. Be human-like and just do the ‘karam/current action’ that has come your way with 100% integrity and honesty and sincerity. Drop the attachment to end result. Just focus on the present moment’s endeavor.

But don’t cheat! Some cruel minds can interpret this in the wrong way. They can think that now I do not need to work at all as there is no carrot. Be wary of the cunning mind! This path is for the stronger and higher souls, not the minds that are still lurking in their animal-like instincts. Always take the high road. Be calm, composed and keep doing your karam/current action sincerely!

Whatever must happen to you will happen to you. Whatever must not happen, will not. There is no other short cut! Got it? This is the true meaning of dispassion!

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