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With today’s knowledge, I know I should take life as a game but I was cheated in business. Should I drop it too, or should I pursue the case I filed with the lawyer?



I work for a profit oriented company and there is a lot of political stuff going on.I have a choice to play into some of this political stuff and sometimes somewhat unfairly. By unfair means, I will be at certain advantage over others by getting closer to an executive OR I can chose not to do any of it. What should I do?


Answer to both:

Have you seen a spider’s web? Have you observed its prey getting trapped in it? Maaya is just like that. Name, Fame, Money, Relationships are all webs of Maaya. It is an individual choice what one wants to do. Here are some points that might help you;

    • Everything is happening on account of Karma, everyone is experiencing their own Prarabdha Karmas & so are you. If you are in a corporate job, it is because you asked for it. If there is politics around you, you asked for it. Arjuna was in a similar dvandva – to do or not to do! He was stuck between emotion & righteousness. Lord Krishna advises him on Karma yoga:
    • Do not give importance to your emotions going up & down because of what is happening, just focus on doing the current action in accordance with Dharma [act spontaneously – act by your nature of compassion & not out of raaga & dvesha].
    • Be compassionate that the other person [playing politics] is not in Gyana. Don’t keep any dvesha in your heart for him. Because your dvesha hurts you by repetitive thoughts & you are torturing yourself repetitively thinking about him. Stop self torture now! This torture creates agami karma!
    • Above all, act! When you sit down on the couch with this thought that “everything is karma then what’s the point?” – this is an incorrect understanding of Karma. Remember, ‘not acting’ is also an action. You don’t really have an option – You must act! 
    • The only freewill you have is whether to act with an unhappy mind or a peaceful one. If you treat life like a game, you will be able to maintain a peaceful consciousness.
    • When you play a game with a kid, you are in pure fun. Even if the kid defeats you, you never have dvesha in the mind. You never drop a game, you just play it without raaga & dvesha. That is the key point! Play it like a game, have fun, god loves fun!
    • Don’t take life so seriously, no one came out of it alive! Keep smiling, come what may!

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  1. May Betts

    Thank you for the clarity.


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