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We have not been able to buy property in the state that we live in and now my husband is planning to shift to a different state.  It is our mistake that we did not invest in the property on time.  Is this also karma?  I am trying to stay away from raaga & dvesha but somehow I am not able to implement it fully.  I have a sense of failure and low esteem.  Please help.


Time Karma has its own ways. There is a saying in Hindi –

‘Waqt se pehle taqdeer se jyaada kisiko kuch nahi milta – Nobody gets anything more than what he/she deserves and before the time when he/she deserves.

What does that mean?

Every thing that you acquire, whether it is a house or a garbage can, whether a lifetime relationship or a scuffle with a stranger, whether a promotion or a job loss, it is all Karmaphalam from the past. The timing of karmaphalam sprouting is not in your hands. The type of Karmaphalam sprout is also not in your hands.

Karmaphalam = Sprouting of our Karma seeds sown in the past.

Every seed takes its own time.  For example, sunflower seeds may sprout in a few weeks but a mango seed might take a very long time to sprout and maybe years to yield fruit but a Jackfruit tree will give fruit only in the next generation. It will benefit the next generation of the person who plants it.  So every seed takes its own time to sprout and every sprout takes its own time to yield the appropriate fruit.  This is called ” Time Karma ” and Time Karma is based on the Law of Niyati.

What is the function of the ‘Law of Niyati’?

Niyati determines which seed will take how much time to sprout and which sprout will take how much time to yield fruit.  That law remains constant.  It cannot be changed.  Therefore, a certain mixture of your own raagas and dveshas towards a particular karma creates that particular law for that karma to sprout its appropriate Karma Falam (fruit).  It is extremely complicated and unfathomable for the intellect to comprehend which seed will sprout at what time.  Therefore, Lord Krishna says Gahana Karmanogati.  Unfathomable are the ways of karma.

So don’t try to decipher why a certain thing did not come to you. You just focus on the right action.  This is Lord Krishna’s invaluable advice to all of us.  Now what does this mean?  This also means that if I am working towards a particular action, I should not put a condition saying that action should yield its fruit at this particular time.

What you are doing by expecting that you should be able to buy a property now is just putting a condition on that Law of Niyati. Understand that Time Karma is BOSS and how much ever you try to haggle and negotiate, the boss does not budge.  The boss has certain policies and procedures to follow.  This boss is a disciplined and organized boss.  He is also very honest. He cannot be bribed. So RESPECT and HONOR the Law of Niyati! RESPECT and HONOR Time Karma! RESPECT and HONOR Life!


Because what is due to you will come to you and what is not yours, will not. Stop whining for that which did not come to you because your whining only creates more frustration for you. Whining does not bring that thing to you.

So keep flowing with life & stop questioning life. Just be! There is an incomparable peace in ‘just being’! When you learn the skill to JUST BE and ACCEPT WHAT IS then there will be no sense of failure.  When you learn to respect life, you will learn to respect your own self too.  Then there will be no sense of low esteem and mind will always be calm.  There will be no restlessness. Very simple to get there. The only obstacle on the path is your own desire.  Drop putting a condition on fulfillment of desires! Whatever comes accept it and work towards something unconditionally. Let Time Karma decide whether you deserve it or not because Time Karma is Boss!


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