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Thoughts during meditation and sadness after!

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Dear Ekta didi, I have been doing my meditation but I just can’t get my mind to shut up! It constantly brings thoughts. I don’t resist them. But I am slightly concerned. I am in no way impatient, I will continue to do the 20 minute meditations until I have a deep meditation. Do let me know where I am going wrong here or whether I should change my approach?


In the Upanishads, we spoke about the ONE energy/consciousness that is flowing between the mind and the body. When this energy is too active and high at the physical level, then the thoughts are reduced. We can use this fact to our advantage.

Before you start meditation, dance vigorously or shake the body vigorously until you are completely tired. Please use some instrumental music or bhajans for the dance. No English or Hindi lyrics should be used as lyrics only add to the chatter of the mind. After the body is completely exhausted, you can let it drop wherever you are without opening your eyes and then start Guruji’s meditation. If you have taken your Sahaj mantra, you can use that. Or you can just be with the silence. Use the same energy/consciousness to drown in the silence, ‘to become one’ with the emptiness, to drown into the void.

If you make this a daily practice, within a few days you will see that this silence continues even at work, even when you are with people. You will find that you are doing everything at the periphery with your body but at the same time you are centered. You are silent and centered.

You are one step behind the eyes that are reading this email, you are one step behind the intellect that is processing it right now, and you are just the witness consciousness.

You must practice this earnestly moment to moment. Make this the most important thing to achieve in life right now. More than money, friends, job, relationships, etc. These things will automatically fall into place if you are centered. Live meditatively!


Ektaji, after meditation, I feel sad, sleepy for long time. I do not want to laugh, talk or smile, Could you please help me here?


After meditation, you just feel the quietness and silence. It is good to be with it. It’s okay to feel like not talking. The small mind has a tendency to equate quietness with loneliness and sadness. Just understand that it’s the game of the small mind because it loves to chatter unnecessarily. Don’t bother about it.

Just go through the tapas of the Silence and meditation, willingly. After some time, the mind will give up and you will start experiencing the beauty and joy of silence. Happy silence!

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