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Thought waves are recorded in Space!

by | Sep 18, 2022 | Buddha, Energy, Form, Formless, Mind, No-Mind, Samadhi, Vedic


Are thoughts recorded in Space? They say that whatever the Rishis and Yogis have said is recorded in Space and the most aware mind can download this in the deepest of the meditation. Please explain how this works?



The first law of thermodynamics is “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”.

If energy cannot be destroyed, then where does this energy go?

Energy travels between form and formlessness.

For example; when you see light from a light bulb, it is tangible and has a visual form. What happens to this visual energy when the switch is off?  Do you think that there is no current running?  The current is low; it is feeble. It has moved from the state of ‘form’ to the state of ‘formlessness’.

Similarly, all kinds of energy, shuttles between the world of form and the world of formlessness. You and I currently reside in the world of form. It is very difficult for the intellect dwelling in the world of form to understand the world of formlessness.

Tools required to fathom this formlessness are:

    • An incredibly clear mind and
    • An extremely sharp intellect

A person equipped with these tools is free of unnecessary thoughts, ideas, concepts and is in a state of complete silence [state of nothingness] called “Shoonya Awastha”.

What happens when you move into the world of formlessness?

All our thoughts & ideas, whether positive or negative, are recorded in Space.

You are aware that there are ultraviolet rays, radio waves, infra-red waves, etc all around us. Similarly, there are also thought/emotion waves. You have to tune into the frequency of thought/emotion waves by going into “Shoonya Awastha” [a state of silence and nothingness that is devoid of thoughts/ideas/concepts also called ‘No Mind’]. This tuning in, automatically works like a connection and you can download the information.

That is how “Ayurveda” was downloaded by 88,000 Rishis sitting together in SAMADHI. Ayurveda and the Puranas were not created by the human mind; but just downloaded. That is why Ayurveda is called the Science of Life!

All the scriptural knowledge that Rishis and Munis taught is all around us. When we tune into that frequency in deep meditation, we acquire that Gnyana as our own Gnyana, as a self-realization, as an existential reality; that is called “Swabhava Gnyana”.

Not just spiritual Gnyana is in space, all information let out by all kinds of minds is in Space too, including negative thoughts/emotions. And you experience this on several occasions. For example, if you enter a Temple, how do you feel? Very serene and calm. Why? Because those kinds of frequencies are there around you in the temple. How do you feel when you enter a bar/casino? Passion/ambition/jealousy/hatred.

How does this happen?

If you and I are in the same room, we are breathing the same air. The air that goes into my lungs and comes out, in turn goes into your lungs and comes out. It is stale air. Thought/Emotion waves have a similar operation.

Just like you breathe in clean air when you step out of closed indoors, similarly you take in vibrations of PURE emotional/thought waves when you step out of your crowded mind into ‘No mind’.


The pre-requisite to be able to absorb Gnyana is the ability to tune into that ZERO frequency? It takes a little effort because you have a crowded mind. ‘Tuning into that frequency’ happens by ‘silencing the mind’.

You don’t have to do much to tune into the energy of gathering negative thoughts like hatred, anger, passion, greed, feverishness, obsession as you are already doing that through your reactions of raaga/dvesha to people, situations and things. You have to learn the skill to untune from the noise of negativity.  Shun negativity at all costs. Meditate! Doing so, you will automatically tune in to the frequency of silence. Very few people can tune themselves to the frequency of silence and that is when they have fresh, unused, clean energy.

Are you taking in stale or fresh energy?

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    This was insightful. Thank you

  2. Arun Aggarwal

    So beautifully explained. Thank you Ekta didi

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    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks Didi


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