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Thought is not conscious!

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Advaita, Atma Nirvriti, Atmananda, Body, Consciousness, Direct Path, Doership, I, Mind, Self-Effort, Thoughts


In the example that you gave during the session, the 1st thought arose out of my previous conditioning that on Sundays I have to attend Atma Nirvriti class. The second thought arose out of the habit of being lazy and the last thought arose out of my previous conditioning that I have to be serious about my spiritual path. But the 3rd thought made me believe that I am the doer. Thus forming firm conditioning that I am the doer. Did I understand it correctly, didi?



Yes, the 3rd thought is what is creating the false conditioning or the false belief that ‘I am the doer’, ‘I am the thinker’. ‘I am the decision-maker’. ‘I am the chooser of actions or thoughts’.

Examine and explore the body-mind, can you locate this ‘I’? Is the ‘I’ there anywhere? If you examine the mind, you will NOT find this so-called ‘I’. If ‘I’ exists, it should be a permanent continuous entity. But there is no continuity to be found there. ‘I’ arises in the presence of the other and when there is no other, the ‘I’ rests. What is not continuously present, how can that be me? There is no ‘I’. It is just a thought that rises and falls.


Please do NOT blind-believe what I am saying or any other teacher says, please verify by self-exploration.

Look within and examine the thought that says ‘I’.

    • ‘Thought’ falls under the category of ‘Not Consciousness’.

How can that which is ‘not consciousness’ speak for ‘Consciousness’? 


Consciousness doesn’t speak. Consciousness is like an infinite space of AMness. It is a silent background of AMness. This silent background does not ‘do’ nor ‘experiences’ anything.

Hindi – [khud ke andar jhakon to dikhai dega ki vichaar sachet nahi hai. To phir ‘mai ya mera’ kehne wala vichar ‘Chetna’ kaise ho sakta hai].


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  1. Mala Selvarajah

    Dear Ektaji, how can thought fall under the category of ‘ Not Conciousness ‘ ? It was my understanding that everything that appears in Conciousness is only mafe up of it’s (Conciousness)very essence . As nothing can be independent and exist , why make a distinction for thought as Not Conciousness.

    • Gnyana Sangha

      Thought is not independently existing by itself outside of Consciousness dear. It is not alive by itself. That is why it falls under the category of ‘Not Consciousness’ which means that it is simply a label and doesn’t exist. This is the next level of teaching that is outside the domanin range of this particular questioner dear.


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