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This meditation? Or that technique?

by | Mar 10, 2019 | Awareness, Flow with Life, General Spiritual, Knowledge, Meditation, Mind, Silence


Sometimes I want to do this type of meditation, sometimes I want to do another type of technique? Is it okay to change or should I do both?


Recognize the flow and move with that. What does the flow mean? 

Just like your body gives signals as to when the stomach is empty, when the stomach is full, when the bladder is full, when the body needs more water element, similarly there is a signal provided from the core of your Being when it is thirsty for silence or when it feels full of noise, etc.

These signals are subtle. Meditation must be modulated according to these signals. When one learns to understand the language of Nature, one learns to go with the flow. 

  • Always go with the flow and you will never be wrong.
  • If you go against the flow, there will always be a sign from nature about ‘not being right’.

Increase your awareness to recognize these signals from Nature. Learn to live with the flow! Meditation coupled with Knowledge can help increase awareness to that level.

Wise is the one who recognizes the signal and goes ahead towards that which he feels drawn to. It’s your flow and you must learn to recognize what your flow demands of you and follow it.

Keep chugging!

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