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The witness consciousness is not continuous therefore it is illusory!

by | Apr 24, 2022 | Advaita, Awareness, Body, Consciousness, Direct Path, I, Ignorance, Illusion, Memory, Mind, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Senses, Upanishad



Didi, in yesterday’s blog, it was mentioned- When one can see the witness+mind+body+world as a single oneness, he transcends beyond. I understand that the mind + body+ world is an illusion, but how is the witness also an illusion? Please help me understand.



At Advaita Vedanta Level III [Ajaata Vaad], it becomes clear experientially not just intellectually that there is no subject and object, both are simply an illusion. Ajaat Vaadins complete effort is directed initially on identifying the illusion and then dissociating from it.

In order to recognize the illusion, one must recognize sequentially that:

    • The body+mind+world are all an illusion because they are present only in the waking state and absent in the dream and deep sleep states. How can that which is not all-present be real? Only the permanent and continuous can be termed as real.


    • This sense of I is nothing but the witness that has forgotten itself and assumed ‘I’ & ‘mine-ness’. The ‘I’ always arises along with the ‘mine-ness’ and never by itself.
    • The body+mind+world arise along with the sense of I and dissolve along with the sense of I. They are not continuous [only their memory appears to be continuous]. How can that which is not all-present and continuous be real?

The illusion of ‘I-ness’ is so strong that it creates strong impressions of ignorance, that is why opening up the window for deep and continuous self-inquiry is very important.

Once your self-inquiry deepens, and clarity dawns, then you can see clearly that the Witness+mind+body+world are a single oneness, and you-the-primordial-awareness are beyond.

So keep chugging! Don’t stop short of recognizing your true nature. 


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