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The vicious cycle of Likes & Dislikes!

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Attachment, Aversion, Choice, Craving, Emotions, General Spiritual, Kriya, Love/Hate, Preference, Raaga/Dvesha, Seeking, Suffering


Dear Ekta Di, if getting rid of karma is the sole purpose and to then to get enlightened is what we want, then how should we deal with this present life? I mean what should we do with this life ? If I should not have any Raagha or Dvesha, then that means I wont be having any Likes or dislikes, that means I should not even like my work or my passion for my subject or my education?

I also cannot understand the purpose of getting enlightened. Why should anyone be concerned about getting enlightened? How can spirituality help me in my current life? I am overly emotional, and that was the only reason I meditated. It did help me.

Right now I am thinking like this. I know I am thinking all wrong and all naive but I am aware of this thing that I am thinking wrong. How can I get this straight? Like how can spirituality, this path help me to do good in this life and to do good for people?



JGD dear! Gnyana takes some time to become your nature. Just like water takes time to trickle down deep into the crevices between rocks. Gnyana will need some time to trickle down into your deep inner mind & environment. It is like a beautiful flower, One day, it will open up like a bud slowly and steadily for you. Please give it, its due time. Let me put it down in simple steps:

Step 1 – Understanding what is a raaga/dvesha is very important. It does not mean that I should not have likes and dislikes. It simply means that I need to realize that once I start holding onto these likes and dislikes, my vision gets clouded, clarity is lost and then there are issues in life.

Let us take an example – A simple ‘attraction’ turns to a ‘like’. The ‘like’ turns to a ‘craving’. And without my knowledge, the ‘craving’ turns into ‘clinging’ and very soon into ‘obsession’. Similarly, a simple ‘repulsion’ turns to a ‘dislike’. The ‘dislike’ turns to an ‘aversion’. The ‘aversion’ turns to ‘hatred’ and very soon into ‘violence’.

The journey from attraction to obsession or repulsion to violence is happening at very subtle levels of the mind that I am not aware of. This constant clinging/craving/obsession creates impressions in my consciousness. These impressions are like seeds of Karma. They will sprout one day. I will have to then bear the fruit of that. So it is a vicious chain or cycle.

Step 2 – Slowly you will realize that this vicious cycle of raagas and dveshas creates more & more attachment in you. Then you can get caught up in your own emotional cloud of attachments, expectations, wants, ‘not-wants’, and that is exactly what creates drama in life. If one wants to be free of drama in life, one must learn to become free of raagas and dveshas.

I am not saying ‘do not have preferences’. It is okay to prefer a warm climate compared to a cold climate but if one gets so attached to warm climate, he gets miserable when it is cold, he cries and curses, he multiplies his own misery several times. You don’t need to give up preferences, you need to understand what the ‘attachment’ to likes & ‘dislikes’ does to you. From the beginning to the end, attachment is just misery!

Therefore, do all that needs to be done in life, job, house, cars, marriage, children, etc but don’t get attached to it. Play it like a game then only is it fun.

You choose whether you want FUN or you want MISERY? 🙂

How this Gnyana helps your normal life is clear from the example above, right? That is how spirituality helps you step by step to lead a happier & fuller life. This is only a concept today. I want you to closely observe all that is happening in your life and recognize this reality. One day you could be spreading this knowledge and helping others and doing good!

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  1. Anupam Srivastav

    Jgd, Ekta Didi…
    Your knowledge points are like panacea for me on this path…


    SO NICE !!!! JAI GURU DEV !!!!!

  3. F[arah]

    What about life purpose? Does purpose play a role in our lives? As in a specific purpose? Like how Steve Jobs created Apple? Does God Will our lives and its experiences into existence according to His Vision? Like with what happened in the story between Zuleikha and Yusuf? Or is that with specific souls only?


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