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The truth is that you really don’t want to wake up!

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Attachment, Dispassion, Dreams, Fear, General Spiritual, Let go, Life, Maaya, Mind, Raaga/Dvesha, Self- Realization, Truth


If I have to get enlighten, it seems so difficult.  I have to get over my attachment to my spouse, children, parents, friends, job, aspirations, power, position, company, money, house, car, friends, phone, laptop.  It seems like such a difficult thing to do to get over this endless list.  Please help.  Am I understanding this correctly?


Imagine this scene – You are asleep and dreaming about your spouse, children, parents, friends, job, aspirations, power, position, company, money, house, car, friends, phone, laptop, etc. You are attached to your dream and the objects in your dream. In your dream, you are thinking that you need to get over the attachment to every single object for the dream to end. No!! No!!  You don’t have to get over every single thing. There is one straight shortcut. And that is waking up from this dream.

This life is nothing but a figment of your own imagination. You created all this paraphernalia out of desiring in your previous lifetime. Whatever you are experiencing as people/situations/objects, are all but a dream.

When you started dreaming, you forgot about the reality that ‘YOU created this’. You are lost in Maaya and now take it to be real. Open your eyes and wake up from this MAAYA.  When you wake up, MAAYA will drop away.  And all the objects of the dream will get shattered in ONE go.

If it is all a dream, why don’t I see it?

The truth is that ‘you do not want to wake up from this dream’.

Your fear is that ‘Everything is going to get shattered; all loved ones, name, fame, money, power, position, etc, everything is going to vanish. You just don’t want to wake up. That’s why you keep living this life in a total fake way. You pretend to be happy. You pretend to like everything. You fool yourself and others that ‘Life is good’. Somewhere deep down you know the truth that it is all FAKE. But the fear in you does NOT let you accept its futility. 

I keep saying, Wake Up! Wake Up!  You keep saying No!! No!! No!!  I don’t want to wake up.  And the struggle goes on!  THIS IS MOHAMAAYA!  The day you gather the courage to drop it all in one go, that day you will have attained the HIGHEST.  That is Gnyana.  That is Self-Knowledge! 

Does that mean that the day I realize this TRUTH, I will drop everything?

No! Everything will still be there but you will attain the highest dispassion. You will remain untouched like a lotus in water. You will rise beyond all attachments automatically. The effort is not in dropping anything. The only effort is in stopping the GAME OF FAKE and waking up.

In reality, it does not take effort to wake up even… Just become aware that it is all UNREAL.

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