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Dear Ektaji, why do we respect only greatness? Why do we set goals by comparing with bigger and better only? However our benchmarks of Greatness keep changing as we ourselves evolve, and we keep chasing one or other desires. What is a right way to look upon people, their work and its importance, and our relativity? For example, we would want our kids to become great entrepreneur/ scientist/ doctor/ engineer, but not a service employee/ servant/ auto-wala/ sweeper etc. When we do this, are we showing disrespect for those people and jobs?



That is the trap of Maaya! A person lost in ignorance gives undue importance to material things and factors associated with this material world. You have identified already what Maaya does to you. Maaya shows you the carrot in wealth, in great name/fame, in false identifications. You keep running behind this and never reach anywhere. Even if you achieve what you were running behind, you realize that the mind has started chasing something else. It is like sitting on a carousal and going round and round in circles but never really getting anywhere. You will keep running and even achieve name, fame, wealth, etc. but you will never ever achieve satisfaction with these! This is all the trap of Maaya!

A wise one knows that this is all Maaya! He is not caught up in the duality of rich and poor, high and low, etc. For him, there is no difference between an engineer or a service employee, such a one only teaches his children to walk the path of good, rather than teach them competition and comparison. A wise one never pushes his children in a particular direction but only helps one identify which is his direction!

As you grow in spiritual knowledge you will see the stronghold of Maaya weakening on you. You will realize that it is just the weakness of the mind to fall into comparison, feverishness of running behind people and things. An inner strength will take over you. You will slowly get there. As the old skin of Maaya sheds away, you will see the new you. Keep walking the path of spirituality and keep attending regular knowledge sessions. Have patience!

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  1. Nehal Shah

    There was a very famous seriel on Netflix called as “House of cards”. They show the journey of politician who through his conniving ways, becomes president of America. He arm twists many people to support him, muders his girl friend and all sorts negative things and finally becomes president.
    You would think being the most powerful man in the world would be fun. But, what they show is how unstable his life is. Always worried that his opponents will gain upper-hand, his misdeeds will become public knowledge, he will lose the next election. One time he breaks down and cries.

    This might be just a TV drama. But this reflect the life of rich and powerful. Always worried that they will lose the position of power, lose their money. And WORRY becomes their best friend.

    Take a live of simple spiritualist. This person is happy with what destiny has bestowed on him, always content, always tranquil and always at peace.
    So, hankering after name, fame, power is wast of energy. It is so much serene to be in the moment and be happy the simple pleasure that life and mother nature gives us.


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