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The response of the mind to ‘Perceptions are not conscious by themselves’ went from fear to denial to acceptance. The mind recognized that it has been thirsting to merge in the Infinite for a while. Then why fear?



This happens in stages as you mentioned:

Stage 1] Fear:

The world of people, situations, things is all that the body-mind personality has. When this personality steps onto the path of Advaita, it starts seeing the truth that its belief of the ‘reality of this world’ is baseless. The mind shakes when ‘physical objects’ start being recognized as ‘mere dead perceptions’. Fear is inevitable at that moment because the main concept on which your entire life is based is standing on an earthquake. Denial is a part of this fear. But if the courageous one continues on the path, he starts seeing this truth in his own direct experiential recognition.

Stage 2] Peace:

When the true recognition of ‘perceptions and thoughts’ being nothing other than ‘awareness itself’ arises, then a soft Peace will take over. Wait for the fear to transcend to the flavor of peace that comes from direct recognition.


Reason for the Fear:

It is a myth that when one goes deeper into spirituality, one leaves the home, family, money, etc. This myth causes the Ego to create stories. These stories when entertained ceaselessly induce fear. The fear is self-induced. Please recognize this.


Reason for the Peace:

With the proper wisdom of Advaita, when you recognize that ‘Everything is Awareness/Consciousness’. I am not going to attain something that I did not already have. This realization brings soft Peace. It is the recognition of what already is. I was sitting with my eyes closed. The Sun was always shining. All I had to do was open my eyes. This brings a sense of relief.


To summarize: 

When the mind is scared, it is a sign that you are on the right track. This is a big milestone on the spiritual path. This is the junction that one must cross over courageously and accept that the physical body, the mind, and the world, all three fall in the category of ‘not consciousness’. That which is ‘not consciousness’ is always the ‘witnessed object’ of consciousness. It is pointless to give undue importance to that which is ‘Not Consciousness’. Nisargadatta says in that the creation/body/mind are just a small speck in his world. He has recognized that the body/mind function automatically and he chooses not to interfere with them. He rests as the consciousness in the consciousness. That consciousness is his world.

Enjoy the delicious journey!


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  1. Arun K Aggarwal

    This brings so much clarity to the principle – Not two, Just one. Everything is consciousness. All the objects just appear in the consciousness and have a borrowed reality. Consciousness is the only reality which is independent. Everything else is just dependent on the consciousness.
    Thank you Ekta didi for such posts which bring clarity in a very simple way to a very complex truth.


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