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The source of the I-thought is Silence!

by | Feb 28, 2021 | Awareness, Consciousness, I, Independent Spirituality, Mind, Paths, Ramana Maharshi, Silence, Thoughts


Concentration on ‘I’ thought seems to be an on and off process. I get a glimpse that concentration on ‘I-thought’ will remove the identification with the body but the more I concentrate on the ‘I’ the more I feel the presence of my body. Am I doing something wrong?


Ramana Maharishi has very clearly instructed that one must take attention to the source of the ‘I-thought’. There is no concentration involved here. If one is concentrating then definitely he has moved in the incorrect direction. There is no need to concentrate on anything.

Then what is the correct methodology?

Whenever you see that there are thoughts in the mind, ask “Who is having the thought?”

The answer will be, “I am having this thought”. 

Then ask the question “Who is this l?”, “What is the source of this I?”

Keep looking within, explore within what is the source of the ‘I’. It is not an intellectual exercise. You cannot answer it intellectually. You have to actually explore within the mind and find the ‘I’.

Can you find the ‘I’ there?

If you are doing it correctly you will see that there is no ‘I’. You cannot find it. There is nothing. Just be in that nothing. Just be in that quietness. 


That was the intention of Ramana Maharshi. He wanted to take you into nothingness, into silence. Now bear the power of silence. Silence is not easy to hold. Keeping quiet is not easy. I am not talking about keeping quiet on the lips. I am talking about keeping quiet in the mind. Refraining from internal mental chatter is not easy. Therefore whenever mental chatter begins, direct it to the ‘I-thought’.


Here the ‘I-thought’ implies any mental chatter. Irrespective of the content, ask yourself the question “Who has this thought arisen to?”. The answer will always be “to me”. “Who is this me?” Look carefully, can you find that me? Can you find that I?


Again and again and again repeat this process. Even if it means repeating it a zillion times in one day, only when you come to that point where the mind gives up on you, where there is no engagement in any pursuit, just silence, then you have reached there.

The only purpose is to reach the source of ‘I’ and remain established is the silence that follows.

Just stay, just stay, just stay there. Initially, it might be hard, says Ramana but with practice, you will start noticing that it is actually easier. There is more effort in mental chatter. Refraining from that previous effort of engaging in constant mental chatter is just a relaxation of the previous effort. Be in that relaxation of the previous effort. The more you relax, the quieter you become.

Get to that silence, get to that silence…The source of the ‘I-thought’ is silence!

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  1. Inderjit Sharma

    Respected Ekta ji, I just wish to be guided if one can continue with general practices of cnanting Hanuman Chalisa, Om Namah Shivaye , Om Namo Baghvate vasudevaye or Durga. Chalisa etc.etc. Even while following the path of Ramana Maharishi or Path of Budha the experience silence. PLEASE. THANKS with deep regards.. Inderjit Sharma

  2. Hemant

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Nehal Shah

    Hello Inderjit sir,

    Ektaji has again posted a fantastic post on how to abide in silence. Even Buddha’ pinnacle of teaching advised on shunyata (Nothingness)

    So, what is this religious mantras? How do they help us? Most of the mantras will take you to one level. Even at the highest level, you will still be stuck. That is the primary reason even monks in religious orders are not enlightened. Only some are. They don’t reach complete oneness.

    Vivekananda was the most venerable sage of hindu lineage. One distinction Vivekanada had over other sages is that he could explain all religious and spiritual concepts in a scientific manner. One of the most interesting reads was him explaining how matter and energy are indistinguishable (many years before Einstein’s theory on relativity). Hence beings whose body is vibrating at different frequencies will be invisible. Like X-ray particles feel our body is invisible.

    Vivekanda explained why it is not wise to use Mantra. Mind has to first pull the mantra out of the memory bank. Then it has to order the tongue to recite. There will be sound vibrations thrown out. Your ears will have to take that sound vibrations and mind will have to interpret this sound vibration. And think about it, you are trying to transcend your mind, make it go to nothing. If you indulge your mind so much, how difficult will it be to get to a higher level of transcendence?

    Mantra is good to take you to the lower base station. You don’t climb Mount Everest in a single go. So stop and gain some energy at lower base stations. So, Mantra definitely is useful i.e. to take you to the lower base station.

    But the highest zenith is in Shunyata (according to these great sages).

    Take care brother!


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