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The secret of the ‘first thought’!

by | Aug 16, 2023 | Aagami, Awareness, Buddha, Buddha, Drama, Emotions, Mind, Reaction, Satipathana, Thoughts


What to do if negative thoughts keep coming against a person. I know it is not right and I am creating agami karma for myself but I am still unable to avoid it.

This is a common mistake made by many spiritual seekers. People think that every thought is their own responsibility. Most of us forget that there is a first thought, that arises of its own accord. That is why many times you say that this thought is not mine, I would not think like that.

Then from where would such a thought arise?

The first thought is arising from our past habit patterns. It is the fruit of past karma. When it arises, that is not the correct time to try to change it. Because now it is only an automatic end product. Therefore one will have to go through the torment of the emotion accompanying the first thought.

Then what can a person do?

The only thing one can really do is, not create a chain of proceeding reactionary thoughts after the first thought has arisen.

What does a chain of proceeding thought do?

The chain of proceeding thoughts creates chaos in the mind, the negative feelings in the heart and drama in life. If one wants to make an attempt to get rid of this chaos, one must learn the art of non-reaction to the first thought.

Buddha taught this art of non-reaction in his technique called ‘Satipatthana’. This technique is the best that we have today for developing the skills of non-reaction.

Be non-reactive! Be happy!

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  1. preety goyal

    Buddha taught this art of non-reaction in his technique called ‘Satipatthana. HOW TO LEARN THIS TECHNIQUE?

    • Gnyana Sangha

      You can go to a Vipassana center to learn it or you can enroll in a Buddha retreat scheduled on the website

  2. Balaji

    One suggestion:

    On breaking the chain of thoughts, one technique that i have found useful, is the one suggested by Shri Ramana Maharishi, as part of His ‘Who Am I’ teachings…

    I. e. If you ask the question ‘To Whom are these thoughts occurring, the chain of of thoughts get broken automatically… As the awareness shifts from the objects of the world, to the subject.

    Hope this helps 🙏

  3. Gokul Mehta

    There is nothing like a good thought or a bad thought. Thought is only a thought.
    Who Am I is also a thought. But recognising what or who am i is wisdom
    Be Space like -meaning simply watch the rising and disappearing of thoughts.
    Is there a need to do anything then but only to Watch ?

    • Gnyana Sangha

      Beautiful! Simply watch!


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