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I understand that the dream character = body/mind, I = Witness, and Dreamer= Pure Consciousness. The thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions do not belong to the Witness, they belong to the Dreamer, Pure Consciousness. The body/mind work automatically according to the script. When the Witness interferes with the dream script, there is chaos. Please let me know where I am wrong.


No dear, you are mixing Srishti Drishti Vaad & Drishti Srishti Vaad.

For a beginner at Srishti Drishti Vaad level:

    • He sees for the first time that he is not the body/mind, he is the witness of the body/mind.
    • He is given the example of the dream and made aware that the body/mind/ego is like the dream character and the witness is like the dreamer.
    • He is made aware that when he becomes aware that he is not the body/mind/ego but the witness of the body/mind/ego, it is akin to the dreamer becoming aware that he is dreaming about the dream character.
    • He recognizes that I-the-witness used to forget myself and become the body/mind/ego. As the body-mind personality, I used to feel that thoughts belonged to me. But the thoughts do not belong to the dream character, they belong to the dreamer. Similarly, the thoughts do not belong to the mind. It is the witness’s dream.
    • Then he understands that he was simply assuming thoughts/feelings/sensations/perceptions as his. It becomes evident that the dream character or body/mind/ego-personality is not the doer/experiencer/thinker.


Then he comes to Drishti Srishti Vaad level: 

    • He sees that I-the-witness arise with the arising of thoughts and dissolve with the dissolution of thoughts.
    • He recognizes that he is projecting his personal world, he himself is the dreamer. The Witness is the dreamer. The witness is not connected to the body-mind personality at all.
    • He further examines that the thoughts do not belong to the witness or the dreamer, either. If they were his then why is it that he has no idea when and how and why he projected the thoughts. Why does the dreamer not know why he projected a tiger chasing him?
    • Then he dives deeper to examine if the dreamer is really doing/experiencing/thinking? Does the witness do/experience/think? NO! Knowing is the only possibility!
    • He starts getting a glimpse that even this knowing collapses when there is no ‘I’ and no object to know.


Then he comes to Ajaata Vaad: 

    • He recognizes that there is one more level beyond the witness which is the waker (primordial awareness) which is my true nature.
    • The true nature is of nothingness, an alive infiniteness, an ocean of light, a oneness with everything.
    • In this nothingness, the ‘I’ arises and disappears like an illusion, the thoughts/sensations/perceptions arise and fall like illusions. There is no doer, no experiencer. Nothing is actually happening! There is no dream, no dreamer, no dream character!
    • There is only Pure Consciousness!


Don’t stop until you get to Ajaata Vaad! I am right by your side.


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