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The God particle!

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Consciousness, Independent Spirituality, Purusha, Universe


Ektaji, “Wake up and realize that “YOU” are the center of this universe!” How can all of us be the center?


Is the ‘space’ in your house different from the ‘space’ in your neighbors home? Can the ‘air’ inside the red balloon say that ‘I am different than the ‘air’ inside the blue balloon? Is the ‘water’ in the Pacific ocean different from the ‘water’ in the Indian ocean? Is the ‘fire’ that warms a poor farmer’s hut at the foot of the Himalayas different from the ‘fire’ that lights Bill Gates ‘cooking ‘stove’? Can you say that the ‘Earth’ in your beautifully landscaped yard in USA is different from the ‘Earth’ in the mountains of Nepal?

Earth, Water, Fire, Space [Ether] & Air is all that everything and everyone is made up of. These 5 elements is what the entire Universe is! Every plant, every animal, every insect, every human being, every thing living or non-living is a permutation and combination of these 5 elements! Yes, the human body is nothing but these 5 elements! So essentially we are all the same! There is just ONE white light that has differentiated into the different colors! And that white light is nothing but the Purusha! The Consciousness! The God particle! Even scientists have started taking about it today.

So when we are all nothing but the same white light, then obviously ‘We are ALL at the center’!

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