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The doer and experiencer are not the same illusion, even if they seem so! 

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Advaita, Ashtavakra Gita, Direct Path, Doership, I, Illusion, Intellect, Memory, Mind, Samadhi, Sensations, Temporary, Thoughts


Dear Ektaji,
Is my understanding correct?

6pm – I keep my car keys somewhere in my house.
8pm – I want to go out. I am searching for the car keys but can’t find them.

My mind’s story:
I have kept the keys so I must remember where I have kept them. The mind feels that the same experiencer is there in misplacing the keys and searching for them.

My understanding:
The experiencer (doer) who kept the car keys is different from the one who is searching.
Memory is creating an illusion of continuity. But each time a different experiencer arose and faded away just like a wave rises and falls in the ocean.

Is my understanding correct? Please guide.



Yes dear, it is absolutely spot on. Let me elaborate on the same.

Just like the perception of the world [house + keys + person] is a temporary arising, similarly, the ‘I’ that claims to be the ‘doer’ or ‘experiencer’ of the world is a temporary arising.

‘I’ and the ‘World’ arise and fall together.

Attempt to see the truth that the ‘present scenario’ appears and disappears, from moment to moment.
– Sight of the world appears and disappears.
– Sound appears and disappears.
– Smell appears and disappears.
– Touch appears and disappears.
– Taste appears and disappears.
– Even the ‘I’ appears and disappears as it is simply an ‘I-thought’.

None is a continuous, permanent, or inherently independent entity.
[These above are 6 separate silent Nidhidhyasana [self-inquiry practices] that must be done to see the truth. If one is unable to do so at home in silent isolation, one can learn to do them in the Advaita retreat as a pre-Samadhi practice so it becomes experiential rather than intellectual dear.]

Once the above is seen clearly, then it becomes clearly evident that there are moments of nothingness sandwiched in between perceptions, sensations, thoughts, and feelings. This gap of nothingness confuses the temporarily arising intellect. It attempts to comprehend that which is beyond itself and fails. It does not have the ability to interpret nothingness as it is not available in the gap to record the gap of nothingness. Hence, it fills up the gap with a story. This story is termed as ‘memory’.

So you are spot on! The doer of 6pm and the experiencer of 8pm are both different, temporarily arising and disappearing, dependent entities! The doer and the experiencer are not the same illusion, even if they seem so!

Awesome progress dear, keep chugging! You are on the right track. Attempt to see the truth in silent isolation now. I am right by your side.


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