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I have searched with many schools of thoughts and still cannot figure out why I still crave for things. In fact, I understand when you explain about the feverishness that arises because of craving. I totally experience its turmoil within me. But then why do I still relish craving?


First, let’s understand clearly from our experience what is the nature and mechanism of desire/craving.

Mechanism of Craving:

If you become aware you will notice that the intensity of the craving is NOT proportional to the size or price of the new thing. It is always the same degree of feverishness. If we could draw a graph for the feverishness of craving, it would be a plateau. Whether it is a craving for a new relationship or craving for ice cream, the agitation is the same. This gives a clue that it is not really the object that one is craving for.

Then what do we crave for? To understand that we must first understand what really is craving.

Craving = Incessant thought chain = Restlessness

If it is restless energy why do we relish craving?

We don’t relish restlessness. We relish its end. Craving is only restless energy inside us waiting to be silenced. We relish the collapse of craving – the end of craving.

The collapse of craving = End of thought chain = Rest

The collapse comes only after the lifespan of the craving is exhausted. Therefore we do not realize what exactly gives us the high. We feel it is the craving that is the cause of delight but in reality, it is the collapse of craving that brings the ultimate rest.

In Summary, every desire arises in us only because we are thirsting for that complete collapse of the mind at its culmination.

How to recognize this collapse?

By being more aware of your current craving and following it through its culmination.

The collapse lasts a very short time but it is very REAL and EXPERIENTIAL for everyone. For e.g. When you long for something and your desire is fulfilled and you receive it, you say ‘I love to receive new things’. Look into that response. Where is it coming from? You will find a moment of silence there. This silence is almost like a pleasant melting sensation. Some call it peace, some label it as happiness. Recognize that this silence is in honour of the passing away of craving 😉

You will realize that you ONLY love the collapse of the mind at the culmination of the search/thirst.

And what does the mind collapse into?

Into that which you truly are… Awareness!

Awareness is the background and mind is the foreground. When the mind runs its marathon, there is feverishness. When this marathon ends, the feverishness dissolves into the background of stillness… the background of awareness.

Don’t believe me! Experiment for yourself and see.

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