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Stop saying ‘why is this happening to me?’ Eat fresh!

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Aagami, Attachment, Awareness, Buddha, Emotions, Just Be, Karma, Let go, Mind, Niyati, Prarabdha, Reaction, Sanchita, Thoughts, Wisdom


Hello Ekta didi, sometimes I wonder how come some people don’t have to let go of anything in life. They have been blessed with things others aren’t. Why is it so? Is it all karma again? How come some people can let go things easily even though they aren’t spiritually connected? They have the art of letting go! Why is this so different in everybody? Why is it tough for some people and easy for some?


It is all Karma, my dear. Somebody is born in a palace and somebody is born in a hut. It is Karma. The poor man might be the noblest of humans and the rich man might be the beast. The poor man might face a lot of struggles and the rich man might not. One might be able to let go easily and one might not. This is all Karma! It is no use saying, ‘why is this happening to me?’ Because even this crying and wailing leads to negative karma. Remember, Karma is created by your emotions attached to the thoughts.

Learn the skill to be with what is! Learn the skill of creating only good karma. Move away from negative Karma. Also learn to not eat stale and eat fresh! Let me tell you a story.

A Bhikshu [Buddhist monk] went to a rich man’s mansion to beg for food. The daughter of the rich man opened the door. When the Bhikshu asked for some food. The daughter said, “Go to a better place, this rich man eats stale food.’

The rich man heard this and was angry. He screamed at her, “Why do you say that I eat stale food?”

The daughter replied, “All your wealth, relationships, name, fame is because of your good merit of your past. I have not seen you collect any good merit in this lifetime. What you are reaping is all stale, there is no freshness there. You eat stale food.”

If somebody is enjoying riches, it is their past lives karma that they are reaping in this lifetime. If somebody has the art of letting go easily, it is their past lives karma that they are reaping in this lifetime. Some people have the skills and talent, it is their past lives karma that they are reaping in this lifetime.  If they do not have a spiritual connection and they are not doing any good merit in this lifetime, then it is like eating stale food.

The wise one does not get bothered by those enjoying stale food, he constantly strives to eat fresh. And what is the meaning of eating fresh? It means doing only good karma, refraining the mind from indulging in bad karma.

So my dear wise one, eat fresh!

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  1. Sundry

    If someone is bad not sincere at the moment and everybody can i have to behave?

  2. Kanika

    Didi, Thank you. Only eating fresh will take us to that enlightened state where there is no misery/suffering. Keeping one’s action and thought pure is so important. Action purity is easy (we are scared of laws etc.). To achieve mind purity we need to walk the path always keeping our true self in memory (we are all the same, from the same, going to go back into the same, consciousness). That helps us overcome jealousy, hatred, anger etc.. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us. 🙏 🙏 🙏


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