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Statue Bhatakti Atma!

by | Feb 15, 2023 | General Spiritual, Just Be, Mind, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Thoughts


I have come to realize lately that my mind has learned my trick of taking a step back to go into witness consciousness during meditation. These days when I want to practice it anytime throughout the day, my mind cunningly jumps in and starts a conversation asking “Who is watching, who is listening?” As a result I’m not slipping into witness consciousness as easily. Earlier I felt like I could create space to do that but now I cannot. Is it lack of Sattva or weak meditation?



First of all, stop fighting the mind. You cannot win. Mind always wins a fight. Instead use Mann-niti [word does not exist in the dictionary, just devised from Ran niti [रणनीति]]

What is Mann-niti?
A strategy to win over the mind without the mind knowing that it has been won over. This can happen only by witnessing/observing of the mind ceaselessly.

Observe simply observe. Watch simply watch. Witness simply witness!

Now understand that there are levels of ‘Witnessing’. You will experience them as you climb up the ladder of awareness. You must have already started experiencing the gradual increase of awareness that must have happened over the past few years on account of knowledge and meditation. This keeps increasing with practice and certain milestones give you the indication and assurance that you are moving in the right direction.

You have crossed the first level of witnessing. The mind figured it out and has overpowered your first level. You must now progress to a higher level. But remember, the description of every level of witnessing is the same – Observe simply observe. Watch simply watch. Witness simply witness!

Be aware of everything it is saying and don’t react to it. It wants you to react but you don’t give in to the whims and fancies of the mind. Just witness everything as if you are a bhatakti atma [wandering soul] and cannot do anything about it but just watch. Just be!

Be aware of every sentence it says. Watch it saying “Who is watching?, who is listening, etc?”. Don’t indulge in any dialogue with it. Just be! Resolve to be like the Buddha statue for the duration of the meditation. The statue does not react, it does not converse, it does not say a word, it just IS!

Become a statue or a bhatakti atma or play statue with your bhatakti atma 🙂 But just BE! Maybe this technique works for you. Check it out!

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  1. Hemant

    What a wonderful way …
    Gratitude for the teaching.

    • Saakshi Sharma

      This is so timely for me. I had the same question lingering in my mind over the last few days.

      Gratitude for the knowledge and path.


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